Will Baby Overheat When A Sleep In Warm Room During Summer

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M.B. - November 24

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and have a question for experienced mums out there :-) I am worried that my little girl will overheat as she is due in the Australian summer and our rented house do not have air-condition. I have read not to use fans or aircoolers or keep window open in baby's room, but won't she be too hot without? It is currently around 28 degrees in the day here (and will probably be around the same temperature in April when she'll be born) and I am really struggling with the heat at night even though I sleep with window open, no clothes on and with only a sheet over me. I just want to make sure I make the right preparations before taking her home after birth. I grew up in a cold Scandinavian country and have only recently moved to Australia. My family has no experience with babys in hot temperatures. Your advice is greatly appreciated xxxx


Aussie - November 24

my son was born in november last year he had no problems with the heat (in Aus). My Cousin Had her baby in summer and the nurses had him rugged up like it was freezing out side he was fine.


Jbear - November 24

I don't have any experience with the weather in Australia, but I live in south Texas and it gets hotter than hell around here. The first couple of weeks the baby may get cold easily (mine was born in Aug with 100+ F temps and still cried unless she was in long sleeved, footed sleepers) but after that the temperature that feels comfortable to you should be comfortable to the baby too. I have a fan in the room where my daughter sleeps. You can't point the fan right at the baby, but you can point the fan at a wall so the cool air bounces off and circulates in the room. I think leaving the window open would be okay, too, as long as there's a screen so the bugs don't come in.


d - November 24

If the room is too hot for you then its too hot for the baby I think. Jbear made a good point of the direction of the wind. I used air conditioner in my apartment and the air direction was not towards the baby. I kept the room thermastat at 20. This temperature is also recommended for daycares. I read somewhere to check the baby if he/she is too hot by feeling the back of the neck if its sweaty so you know if you need to remove a clothing, blanket or make the room cooler.


momma - November 24

my house doesnt have ac either we kept the windows open duing the day and had a fan on at night we left the fan on its lowest setting and set it so it wasnt on her and she was either in just a diper or a diper and a onsie depending on how warm it was



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