Will It Be Ok To Leave 10 1 2 Month Old For 3 Nights

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madison - November 20

dh and i are considering a 3 night get-a-way when our dd will be 10 1/2 months. i am very nervous about this, i've only been away from her 2 nights and one of those dh was with her, the other her aunt. the trip is still 2 months away but i am just not sure how she will do!? we could really use a couple nights away but i'm worried about leaving her. i am a sahm so she is really used to her mommy.


lin7604 - November 20

GO and have a good time. YOu need to have quality time with just your dh, it is very important to keep a strong relationship now that you are aprents. When my ds was 3 months we left him for 1 week and we went to the Dominician Republic. Sure we missed him very much and we looked at his pictures on our camera everyday but it was just what dh and i needed at the time. My dh and i are planning a weekend getaway too in the next month, it is good for my ds to be around others and have others take care of him once in awhile so it's not such a shock when one day it happens. We don't do it very often but we still do once in awhile.


mlm056 - November 20

GO! It is so important for your dh and you to have some alone/romantic time --it is also good for your dd to have some independence for a few days.. DH and I are off to Caymans in Dec for 6 days for a wedding-- ds will be 6 months and staying with Gramma -- I understand your nervousness and hesitation -- but all around, I think you will have a great time and give yourself a bit of a break! Enjoy!


excited2bemama - November 20

I think she would do fine and I agree its really important to have some alone time with your Dh.. that being said if you think you would worry about her the whole time and not be able to enjoy yourself than I would put it off until your lo is a little older. I would LOVE to go away with DH but I know I would never enjoy myself as I would be to worried about my lo.. she is almost 6 months but I am a sahm mom too and she is totally used to her mama. I leave her for 1.5 hours with her meme and she cries and whines and looks anxious and acts all quiet until I get home and then she is all chatty and talktive and smiley again... I would be too worried that she is missing her mama.


SaraH - November 20

I think it will be fine. Go and have fun w/ your dh.



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