Will My Feet Go Back To Normal

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Pea Pod - February 25

Pregnancy seems to have made my feet bigger...I'm wearing half to a full size bigger than I used to. Will they go back to normal or do I need to buy all new shoes? Also, if they don't go back to normal, will they get even bigger after the next pregnancy?


Topaz - February 25

My feet did the same thing when I was pregnant and I remember thinking I wouldn't be able to wear any of my cute shoes again. It took a few months, but now they are back to their normal size.


ash2 - February 25

Yes ! yes ! yes ! I never had swollen feet with my first one, then my second one came and i looked like big foot ! I though they would go down before i left the hospital but it stayed with me untill DH was about 2 weeks old. You have lots of fluid in your body and it will take time to go down. The most weight you will lose is the first 2 weeks of post-partum. Fluid weighs the most ! I think i lost close to 15-20 pounds the first 2 weeks !


shelly - February 25

yuck i remember my swollen feet and ankles for weeks afterwoods and i was thinking i cant have pre eclampsia now lol. i went up a full shoe size really elephantine feet. they will go back to normal though a while after delivery,mine was the same as ash about 2 weeks, i was so happy to have[even if they were a bit fat] ankles again.


bradylove - February 25

Mine grew a full 2 sizes with my first pregnancy. I went from an 8 to a 10!! I saw a podiatrist and he said that it is likely permanent, so I had a memorial for my shoes that all went to my mom (I'm a shoe girl, so it was painful!)...They didn't change after my second pregnancy, thank God!


Hana - February 25

I have 40 pairs of gorgeous shoes (from stilettoes to boots and have had to fight very hard to buy and keep them coz dh, for some reason has a serious problem with them and insists i give them to charity...well i might well do so now coz my feet never returned to quite what they were...*sigh* i feel fat:(


Pea Pod - February 25

Yea, I had the swollen thing going on for awhile, but that has since gone down (baby is 5 weeks) but I'm afraid they've spread from the loosening of the ligaments since my shoes are still not fitting. I have lots and lots of shoes I will miss! =(


apr - February 26

I had that. After 6 weeks, hey presto! ALL my dainty pointy and tight shoes fit back on like always... thank goodness for that, because my shoes all cost a fortune... I dont know what I would have done. But besides that, it was all fluids, and once I was done with that, I was back into my normal clothes too. Just hang in there a couple weeks more. It can take a few weeks of patience


mandee25 - February 26

My wedding ring still does not fit me but I didn't notice a change in my show size.


mandee25 - February 26

*shoe size :-)


Pea Pod - February 26

Oh yea, my wedding ring...I really miss that! Could I still be retaining some water, or did my fingers and feet gain some of that extra pregnancy weight I put on?


Perl - February 26

My shoe size increased from size 7 to size 9!! Now it's been almost 4 months since delivery and it seems that litle by little I can fit into some of my old shoes but not all. I'm hoping that my feet will keep shrinking. My wedding ring still will not fit though!! I'm wearing a a "subst_tute" ring that is 5 3/4 versus my pre-pregnancy size 4 1/4 even though I'm only 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight.


chrissi79 - February 26

hey i'd like to know this too...i really miss my wedding rings!!! :( LOL I haven't even tried on my shoes yet b/c i have a bad feeling they are not going to fit!!! :(


tryingx3 - February 26

It does get better...I am back in my rings and most of my shoes! 5 mo post partum. I read somewhere not to try your jeans on until like week 12...same pretty much went for my rings too...even though my weight was almost back to normal.



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