Will My Milk Supply Decrease

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cd - February 18

i am only bf my daughter she is 2 mo. old and yesterday got her 2 mo. shots (4 of them, 2 in each leg) she is was so miserable all day yesterday and most of today...she finally seems a little better, but her appet_te is a little shaky. she is sleeping much more than usual. she has been such a great eater since we figured out the whole bf thing, she usually likes to nurse every 2.5 to 3 hours, and since the shots yesterday, i can bearly get her to nurse every 4 hours. i called her doc. and they said the appet_te loss is okay, it is from the shots, and to call them if she is still not eating well by monday. but my question is, will my milk supply decrease? my br___ts are sooooo sore and engorged, i feel like i did when my milk first came in...i haven't had to really wear nursing pads lately, (i guess bc she is eating so regularly, i just wear them when i go out, just in case) so a little while ago, i was sitting on the couch, and the milk started just pouring out of the front of my shirt...i could actually see it dripping (sorry if tmi) i felt like a leaky cow, lol...any way i don't have a pump, bc i have been bf from the beginning, and i don't particularly (sp) want to go out and buy one, so i have been expressing a little in the shower to relieve the pressure... but, will my milk decrease bc she isn't eating so well, or will it be fine once she feels better? also, how long are your little ones miserable after shots?? thanks!!!!


Barb - February 18

your supply won't be bothered at all...you can hand express milk to relieve the pressure if you're uncomfortable. She will probably eat just fine in about 24hrs. That's about how long they seem to be miserable after shots : ) you'll be just fine....


tiffani - February 18

Even if it does decrease just a little bit, it will pick right back up when she's back to nursing every 2-3 hours. :o)


Sarahsmommy - February 18

This doesn't exactly answer your question but it's a suggestion. You may want to go buy a cheap manuel pump. Now would be a good time to build up a small milk supply incase you ever want to go out without your LO.



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