Will Things Ever Work Out Again OT Vent

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AshleyB - February 24

I'm so annoyed and frustrated. My hubby works about 58hrs a week and works afternoons so we never get to do dinner together except for once in a while on the weekends. Anyway I went to alot of trouble to surprise him with his favorite dinner and we were planning a special romantic night and so of course my ds has gas issues and is fighting bed and crying all night. Ughh. So frustrating. I tried really hard to get the timing right on all the different parts of the dinner too so they'd be ready just after he got home, well that didn't work out. My baby boy is 11wks and always does great at bedtime. He has a bath, then bottle and off to lala land by 9. Well I swear he knows when I try to plan something because it never fails the one time I do, that's when he really fusses or has issues-whatever. So now I'm scarfing down my dinner in the office by myself quickly so that I can get out there and take ds off my hubby's hands so he can eat his dinner while it's still hot. He made me eat first, since- let's face it mom's, we never get to eat hot food anymore. lol! We all know this is true. So anyway, will we ever be able to plan anything and actually have it work out?? Or should I just kiss that luxury goodbye for the next 18years? I feel bad, because Garrett is such a good baby and I love him to death of course, and I know he just had a bit of a bellyache from gas, and it's not his fault, but it still always is bad timing and it gets frustrating! Any of you mom's out there feel the same? Thanks for listening.....Just needed to vent a bit.


LollyM - February 24

I used to have this problem with my lo. I think sometimes they sense that we are trying to get them to bed more desperately than usual and it makes them nervous. I started making sure that I give Ava plenty of quality time and snuggle time before bed and I will rock her longer than usual so she doesn't feel like I am trying to git rid of her when I just want a nice evening with dh! I know the ga__sy thing isn't something that can really be helped though. I feel for you on that one. DD had reflux that upset her little tummy =( ps. I haven't had a hot meal in 6 months! lol


Smilefull - February 25

Ha! That's so funny Ashley because I know exactly what you're talking about. The night you really need them to go to sleep on time they start fussing. I think they kind of know something is different if you're excited about something. My advice is to not PLAN on anything for the first 5 months---after that it gets a little bit easier, and by about a year you'll be able to have a sense of normalcy again--I schedule that's more predictable then it is now. Good luck though!! You have to steal those special moments with hubby when you get the chance!


eclipse - February 25

They also know when you are wanting to eat dinner. I think their sense of hunger is triggered by the smells, even though they can't eat it yet. My lo always decides he needs food when we do-hot food? HA!


Momof5 - February 25

I sur do feel the same.. We tried to go out to dinner and our little man cried and had the biggest temper tantrum!! We were so frustrated that we told them to hurry and box it up so we could get out of there.. it seemed as though everything went wrong!! grrr! I don't think it gets better until they grow up and move out, but I hear then they still call for $$$!! lol so yeah, your not the only one who feels this way..


AshleyB - February 25

Thanks for your responses everybody.. It feels good to vent about the not so wonderful aspects of motherhood sometimes. LOL! Glad I'm not the only one.


ash2 - February 25

It will get better. They dont stay little for long... Soon they will be old enough to sit in front of the tv watching spongebob while you guys get to eat, lol


Bonnie - February 25

Pretty much what Ash said, lol. Right now, kiss the luxery goodbye. But you won't have to wait 18 years, lol. Kids...gotta love em ;P


jessb - February 25

I know how you feel. My lo is 1 yr and it always seems that she has the worse timing ever!! lol! Get used to it!! I know it sucks, it will get better. And like you said its not his fault, he has a belly ache, poor baby!



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