Wine Wednesdays

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luviduvi - February 14

If you have read my V-day post, you know I will be drinking the dizzy juice tonight. I should have both children to bed at 8:30pm central time. Dh will be home about an hour and a half after that so don't worry, I am not just some CRAZY lady who gets juiced when her kids are in bed! LOL! This wine on Wednesdays might be an every weeks occurance. DH works late every wednesday. If you would like to join me...sign your posts, threads etc...with WW so we know who's on for Wine Wednesdays...If you don't like wine pore yourself some grapejuice...just make if fun by putting it IN a wine glass. Yippeee! I hope I have a date tonight. Lets see if this takes off!


Lisastar9 - February 14

Maybe vonzo will join you she seems to be lonely lately,and also stood up.


soon2bemomof3 - February 14

I'M ALL FOR IT!!! My husband works late on wed. also and I LOVE wine. LOL


aggie03 - February 14

ohh, Im breaking into the bubbly someone gave us for dd's birth tonight...but I enjoy a SMALL gla__s of red wine nightly after dd is nursed and put to bed....One of these days Im going to open that botle of Silver Oak sitting on my rack..and drink the whole thing real slooooooooow, all by myself. Maybe when dd is offf the b___b. Cheers ladies!


rl- - February 14

Hey I have a couple of those little bottles of sutterhome in the frig I might join you as well LOL!!


Ca__sJ - February 14

I wish I had some wine! All that we have is Bud light. Not quite the same!


Shea - February 15

Hey, Wine Wed sounds like a great idea. I had a very stressfull day at work, and of course dh is the most unromantic guy on the planet, so at 9pm last night I was sitting on my couch alone (he went to bed early) drinking wine watching my tivo'd Desperate Housewives (kinda ironic). I love wine....but since ds I am too tired to stay up and have a gla__s most times.


shelly - February 15

i ll join you with a nice gla__s of baileys lol


cae - February 15

Ok, Im late for this one, but I want to join next wednesday. That is funny, luviduvi, i read your other post about having wine and watchin american idol, since this season of American Idol started I had a couple of girlfriends come over and we sipped wine as we watched American Idol, and I did the same, by myself on Tuesday. lol Ok, I missed this Wednesdays, but I will join in for next wed!



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