Wipe Warmer

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Maria - November 30

Does anyone know what store (in Canada) carries wipe warmers? Thanks.


Chelsey - November 30

I thought I'd do a search for wipe warmers.....just thought I'd let you know that a whole bunch are being recalled. Apparently they are giving people electrical shocks! Yikes! I did a search of "wipe warmers, canada", and got the results from there..... Would have liked one myself, now I'm not so sure!


~ - November 30

babiesrus is in canada, too. i have the prince lionheart wipe warmer (which babiesrus carries) - got it after checking reviews on epinions.com. so far, i have LOVED it. absolutely. and my girl doesn't cry anymore at ever diaper change.she used to hate those cold cloths. anyway, i checked about recalls on these - the only ones were in 2003 after 4 people bought them and got shocks because their tub was cracked. just check your tub often to make sure it's not cracked. haven't heard of any recalls on this particular brand recently.


* - November 30

i just hold the wipes in my hand for a few seconds to warm them i see no point in a wipe warmer since they dont make them for travel baby will not like haveing mostly warm wipes then some cold ones while out


here - November 30

You can buy those Prince Lionheart wipe warmers at Walmart for $20.


Jamie - November 30

Renity likes the cold wipes...we drop one on her tummy before wiping her...it makes her gasp, then giggle.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 30

We have the Prince Lionhart one and they do make travel wipe warmers, but the way my diaper bag is I usually have my wipes next to warm bottles of water so they are pretty much a room temp. Make sure and change the little pads in the bottom, my nephew got an infection after 6 months b/c they kept on using the same pad and bacteria started growing in there.


Ashley - November 30

I saw them in Toys R Us. I also saw it at Sears and Zellers. Hope that helps. Where from Canada are you from.



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