Won T Drink Water Or Juice

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Alison - February 24

Hi my DD is 5 months old and is on pureed fruit and veg now which she loves, the problem is her poops have been alot firmer and she is reluctant to drink water or diluted down juice. I try to encourage her to take a few sips at mealtimes but she isn't keen - any tips? Thanks x


piratesmermaid - February 24

Prunes. Give her prunes. Cut out the bananas if she's been getting any. My dd doesn't like juice or water either, so whenever she gets constipated we always pick up a couple things of prunes. Oh, is she getting cereal? Sometimes that can stop the lo's up too. Maybe skip a couple of days of cereal. I've been told if they don't poopy within 3 days then it's time for the doctor. Hope this helps. :)


ChristinaBonBon - February 24

I'm not sure! How are you trying to give her the water/juice? My little girl (6 months old) takes a few sips of water off her baby spoon, or a bit from a sippy cup, but she is not that bothered and some days has none and some days only 1/2oz water.......some days her poo seems firm and other days softer........so erm, try not to worry, she'll be getting enough fluids in her milk and if she was that thirsty I'm sure she would drink the water.


aurorabunny - February 24

Mix her rice cereal with pear juice instead of formula, thats the easiest way for me to get it to my son when he is constipated.


Alison - February 24

Thanks ladies for the advice! WIll try the prunes and also using the pear juice with the baby rice - she started off having baby cereal at breakfast time but isnt that fussed about it and prefers pureed fruit so recently has had pureed apple or pear or plums for breakfast. She does poop each day it's just been so firm and she makes her "faces" when she does it! I don't want her to be uncomfy. I have tried giving her juice on a spoon but it spills back out alot and soaks her vest and top! I have also tried in a bottle and in a sippy cup (tipping it for her) I'll try not to worry thanks girls x


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 24

My DD was like that and I was told to add a 1/2 teaspoon of dark kero surup to her bottle. Do this occasional not in every bottle. It is a form of laxative. I was also told to limit the bananas and cereal. Also you can add the surup to the cereal you feed. as far as water my kids both hated it unless I added a tsp of sugar to it. and my DS hated all juice except pear so maybe you need to try a bunch of flavors till you find the one she likes.



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