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kristine - September 30

I am br___tfeeding, and my son used to take the occasional bottle of br___t milk when I had somewhere to go that would keep me away from him during a mealtime. Ever since he started solids at 4 months (he is 5 months now), he is refusing a bottle. He will not take it from my husband or either of his grandmothers! He is on two solid meals a day. I might be taking a job that is two full days a week, in order to supplement our income a little. Have any of you experienced this? What did you do? I am working on trying to teach him how to use the sippy cup (he does ok with water if I pour it into his mouth one sip at a time). The pediatrician also said that on days that I have to be away from him, I could give him an extra serving of cereal for lunch. I just don't know if that will be enough to hold him over. Any advice would be appreciated...thanks!


jen327 - September 30

Kristine, My LO was in the NICU for 10 days and only took bottles. When I got home I was able to get him to b___stfeed adn they he did not want a bottle. We tried many but the b___stflow bottle finally worked. The issue your LO is probably having is it is a different type of suck they do for a bottle then b___st. He probably gets frustrated and does not want to do it. Try the b___st flow bottle, it is the same suck as b___stfeeding. Also, you should not be in the room or near whne they try. If you are he is obviously going ot refuse it because he would rather have b___st! Good luck


kristine - September 30

Jen- thanks for your reply! The only thing is, that he used to take a bottle just fine. It is just recently that he won't...just in the past few weeks. Before that my husband would give him one every couple of days to keep him interested in it. I have seen those bottles though...maybe it's worth a shot.


DB - September 30

kristine-my dd did that around that same age...her first day of daycare at 4.5 months old they were calling me at work trying to figure out how to get her to drink something...our pediatrician said, when she's hungry enough, she'll take the bottle..eventually she just got used to going back and forth and we haven't had a problem since. It's a hard phase, they get used to the b___st only and it's hard!! Hopefully he will go back to being ok with a bottle. I wish I had better advice, but all we could do was wait it out.


pregnantjackie - September 30

Kristine, are you giving him a level 2 nipple? My ds wouldn't take a bottle for a while, then I figured out that the nipple level was too old for him. 0-3 months is level 1 nipple, once I gave him that he started taking it. I believe 4 months is level 2. It could be because he needs a nipple upgrade.


kristine - October 1

Thanks for all of your suggestions!! He is on a level 2 nipple, so that's not it...and we tried another type of nipple and that didn't help. He just wants nothing to do with any bottle, won't even start sucking. I guess we will just have to wait it out and hope he comes around!


c_baer19 - October 1

Christine, I have the same problem! My DD is just over 2 months, though, but she had been taking a bottle fine and switching back to b___st with no problems since around 1 week old. Around 5/6 weeks, we tried to introduce formula and she hated it.. since then we have had the worst time getting her to take a bottle, even of just b___st milk! Unfortunately I can't give her cereal yet.. but it's really difficult to take her anywhere where I can't b___stfeed because sometimes she screams her head off when we try to give her the bottle.. drives me nuts! I see the doctor on Friday and am going to ask him what to do about it, though.. let's hope he has some advice!



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