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banarasi - April 17

i wonder, how many of ur dhs/bfs help you around with the baby? the best help i get from my dh is he does not mess around. earlier before the baby i had to do his chores too, but he is at the least helpful in not making his own mess. lol...


pregnantjackie - April 17

My husband helps with laundry, the dishes and watching my son. We both run a business from our home so we take turns working and everything is exactly 50/50...but he's an angel :-)


Mariefe - April 17

My DH helps me to bath the baby, makes her milk when I ask him to do and looks after her for an hour or so when he is back from work while I prepare dinner or do other household chores. He vacuum cleans the house in the weekend and helps me to do the shopping. He is always stressed from work (working 5 days a week- leaves the house 7.30 am and back 6.30pm) but im so thankful that he still has time to give me a helping hand after his long day at work. I never let him to wake up in the night to help me out with the baby since day one because of his job. We are parents of one after 10 years married. I thought he is not going to be a great dad as im the one who convinced him to have a baby after many years of empty nest but I was wrong. He loves our dd very much since she was born. So far I don’t have much complain about him. He is a great Dad and a husband. I hope he'll stays the same. I always thank God and him for that! I always believe that a couple that helps each other stays happy together. I hope you ladies will get some help (if not a lot) from your dh/bf's too. I think help is one of the greatest gift that husbands can give to their wives (not other material things that wont make you happy after a few days or months having it)...


angeev - April 21

My husband does literally ALL the cleaning-he has much higher standards in this area than I do. I cook and do the cat litter. When it comes to the baby, it is pretty much all me. He will help if I ask, but dosen't volunteer. It getts agravating, but I can't complain because I like a clean house but hate cleaning...I guess it evens out.


margie - April 21

he watches our baby during the day when im at work and then when im done with work i do most of it and then he helps with dinner and sometimes making bottles then i feed her....i would say he helps out a lot! we kind of have roles switched in our home even though i wish hope and pray that someday i can be the one who can stay home and be mommy, it just doesnt work that way right now. occasionally he complains because he feels like the man should work but thats just not our reality--i make more than him and get benefits and he did telemarketing before our dd was born and would barely make enough for daycare if he was working. he is awesome though about his daughter, she is not going to ever accept being treated like anything other than a princess from any man with the way her daddy dotes on her. i know that im very lucky though and this isnt the norm.



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