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Nicksmommie - January 28

okay as you can tell my problem is my son who is 14 mos old will NOT sleep by himself....for me or my mom (im 17 and live at home) but for my boyfriend's mom (his daddy) he will sleep for her....what is it? i mean he screams like i am killing him and then gets himself all choked up...what can i do about this??? i mean i really need a really good night sleep...i try to get him into a routine of eating dinner/snack (something to be in his tummy) and then giving him a bath...(i have some of that johnson's nighttime bath stuff)...and then reading a book or singing to him or something but nothing ever works! and now my boyfriend and his mom are constantly at me to get him into his crib....i keep saying im trying im trying but they are always after me!...so i mean im being pressured and im giving up on ideas!! so please help me! i dont know what to do anymore...sorry if this is all random and confusing!! please no rude coments!


Brandi - January 29

Sometimes kids will do things for other people that they won't do for there parents, just because they know what mama will let them get away with hehe. You're most likely gonna have to let him cry it out for a few nights. It's not going to be fun but he will get used to it. Keep the routine that you are doing, and I would try a night light. (I wrapped white xmas lights around my daughters bed) It also might be a good time to get him a "big boy" bed. 14 mos is still pretty young but maybe if he got to pick a bed or sheets it might make him feel more like sleeping in it. Just a suggestion, good luck!


Christy - January 29

I think he has to CIO. He must know that if he cries enough, you will come to him. You can try the gradual extinction method they do on the SuperNanny. We had a thread about it a while back. I'll try to find it and bump it for you.


Christy - January 29

I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find it. This site has a couple suggestions that may work, even though it isn't the exact problem you are describing. http://www.familysleep.com/bedtime.htm


Christy - January 29

BTW- have you asked your bf and his mom what they are doing to get him to sleep?


Meredith - January 29

You have to put him down in his bed, and when he starts crying, wait 5 min. (or as long as you can) Go and talk to him briefly. (Yes, he is going to be screaming.) No longer than a minute. Come back in 10 min next time. (or, again, as long as you can) Next time make it fifteen, and keep it at fifteen until he goes to sleep. The goal is to let him know that you are not abandoning him, but it is bedtime, and he must sleep alone. The first night will take a while. (More than an hour prob.) The second night will actually take longer bc he will be testing you. The third night it should get shorter. And eventually you will be able to put him down at "bedtime" and you will hear nothing. Make sure you have a consistant bedtime every night. A pre bedtime routine will help as well. The key is consistancy, and you can not give in and pick him up.



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