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Kate - November 21

I'm posting this here too (other than in the work forum) because that forum doesn't seem to "busy"....I am a work at home mom to a 16 month old girl and have a boy due in January. I'm just wanting advice / comments about how you handle things at home - your work, your housework, interacting with your kids, etc. Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time on this computer that I can't be a good mom! I only have to work 4 hours a day, so I try to get it in when she's taking her 1 hour nap (oh, how I wish she'd nap 2 hours!!!) and then after she's in bed for the night. But then my hubby misses out on me. :( I can't imagine life when baby boy arrives...any thoughts?


- November 21

What kind of work do you do?


Kate - November 21

Web design. I work for a Catholic television station and do their kids' website.


d - November 21

Is it possible for you to work on the computer after everyone sleeps for the night. I do that sometimes just to go on this site and I have no disruptions. Your husband wants you every night? Maybe you have to wait till he sleeps too. Do you have your mom or mother-in law who can come and give a hand while your on the computer to do a little bit of your work? How about hiring a part-time nanny.


Kate - November 21

d - Yes, it is possible to work nights - I usually do...but lately this pregnancy has been WEARING ME OUT!!! I want to nap all the time and go to bed early too! :) And I get kinda stressed if I leave it all for the night - knowing that I still have to put my time in. I like to get it done earlier and have the rest of my time to my family. Hiring's not an option - $$$ is too tight already. My main concern is that there are times I definitely need to work during the day to get things posted on the site, and then with the mealtimes and cleaning and laundry, there is little time left for me to actually PLAY with my girl - I mean, she's not neglected, but it's definitely hard.


CEM - November 21

I'm not a work-at-home mom, just a stay-at-home mom. I have three kids ranging in age from 5 months to 5 years. I find it very difficult, if not impossible to find time to myself during the day. The only time I have to myself is at night after they go to bed. I think you may need to ask for some help. Good luck to you.


- November 21

you say you have to work 4 hours a day, y not wake up early, before ur daughter gets up and get started on your work, that way you finish early and have the rest of they day to take care of everything else.....


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 21

Is it possible to get all of your work done in 1 or 2 days in the week? You could look into a mothers day out program that lasts half a day or whole day one or two days a week, or maybe even hire a sitter one day and let them take care of the kids while you work on work. Also, if you get a laptop it is much easier to work around the house (playroom, bedroom, bathroom, etc) if you have wireless internet (LIFE SAVER!!) Dh is a programmer so he is working on the computer all day, and then when he comes home he doesnt want to sit by the computer and talk to me so I use the laptop at night to update my daughters website or whatever and then we are able to be together but still getting stuff done.


Sara - November 21

I am a WAHM. I have to work about an hour more than you do, sometimes a lot longer, but at a set time each day. I feel like I don't spend enough time with my baby even though we are together all day! Between working at home and trying to keep up with baby, housework RARELY gets done. The worst part is I HATE CLUTTER! The extra work has been paying off though. I use it to pay the maid. I STILL don't feel like I have enough time!


to Sara ~ - November 21

Wow...a set time each day? You have it a lot harder than I do. I hate clutter AND I hate being disorganized. And of course, a dirty house. How often does your maid come? And how old is your baby? What does baby do while you're working? My daughter plays or chases around our house rabbit. They get along well together. My girl is really very good and patient, and lots of times I just hold her on my lap while I work. But other times I just can't and send her off to do her own thing.


karine - November 22

i think maybe getting up early would help maybe by...5am...cause by around 9am you would be done your work. yes its early, but you could nap with your toddler when she does. And try to get an hour to do some choires..and get her to help, so shell think that she is spending timw with you. includ her for suppers too. i think everything should be fine like that. and when you get baby boy, then he should wake up at around 5am to feed. try to get him on the same routine, for him to nap with you and daughter. in the afternoon. BELEIVE me its possible LOL....i have two toddlers (my daughter was around your daughters age, when i got my son) and iam pregnant a third time. due in may. and i babysite 1-5kids daily. from mond-fri. and hubby works on sat. too. and i still manage to get atleast 4-5meals a week done, i get daily choires done. laundry. the kids know when i get up i give breakfast and then i do my choires. they dont miss me so as they have pals they can play with (kids i babysite) and then they all have my full attention, until its time to make lunch and supper.


Jill - November 22

I am pregnant with my first but will be a work at home mom. I am self employed graphic artist so work fluctuates. Aside from my mom coming one day a week, and getting work done on hubbie's days off, I really only intend on doing about 2 hours a day before I'll get help. I know that any more will cut into family or sleeping time. I know you say that you cannot afford childcare, but give yourself a break! Your husband gets childcare help- YOU. So why shouldn't you? How about getting it for part of the time you work? A good idea for you might be an after school sitter. This way they don't have to come for too many hours at once, and you don't have to pay too much. Maybe if they came 3 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And you could make it flexible for them too. I DO understand how you feel. Most of my income goes to bills, it's not fluff money. But if you really can't pay a sitter, your husband is going to have to learn that if you watch the kids when he works, he needs to watch them when you work.


Sara - November 22

I guess we are fortunate to have mellow babies. There was a time when she was content to sit on my lap while I worked. Now she would rather be exploring on her own, UNLESS she can "help" me work. That usually means taking control of the keyboard or mouse. I wish she did have a playmate, sometimes I wonder if she feels lonely. The maid comes once a week now. She is new so if she works out it may turn into twice. What would really be great is a "house manager", I had one before but it didn't quite work out. Right now I am just happy to have a clutter free house. It really sucks when baby is crawling around and I have to wonder, " Have I vacuumed over there recently?"


Lissi - November 22

I'm trying to do some animation work from home at the moment, but it's very hard to get anything done. I thought I would be able to do it whilst she was asleep, but this week, she won't sleep during the day unless I'm cuddling her. I was up til 3am last night, trying to work, but was so tired when Nadya woke up. I hope I get time soon, because I really need this job, and I'm stressed out about it. Thank god, it's only for about 6 weeks, and then I'll think twice before taking on more work. It's too much!


Jill - November 22

Lissi, sounds like your job is similar to mine. I am lucky that I have a few clients that depend on me, but it's nothing on a fast turnaround, and it's not a ton of work. Aside from design I do illustration. Since art directors at magazines don't depend on me, I can just turn it down till I am ready.



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