Work From Home Moms

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laurenl - January 18 I'm due May 7th and I work full time. I'm trying to decide what to do about day care/work. I would really like to work at home or work part time. I would like to know what kind of jobs you ladies do from home? Thanks!!!


Nerdy Girl - January 18

I started my own home-based photography business. But I will be honest - I cannot work with my kids here. I have them out of the house when I have a client appointment, and then I work on orders when they are asleep.


BreaunasMommy - January 18

Hi I do data entry for a local anesthesia billing office. I worked in the office for 4 yrs and started working from home about 4mths ago. Dh also works for the same company doing payments hes worked there about 7 yrs and he has been working from home since I went on maternity leave when I had dd (she is 18mths)


ry - January 18

I just got hired working for 1800flowers doing home orders but havent started training yet. I also worked for a company caled "voicelog" doing third party verifications and that was great but had to quit because of my difficult pregnancy. It is hard to work from home with babies in the house though. I bartend 2 nights a week and love it. I am home early, make descent money, and lets face it-its like a night out.


laurenl - January 18

ry - when you say you are doing home orders...what does that mean...what all will your job entail?? Thanks!


Crissy - January 18

I'm an editor and supervisor for a medical transcription company. I work the second shift (from 3-11) and so I have my daughter to take care of all day, then I work all night. My husband is home around 4:30-5 so there is an overlap of taking care/entertaining my daughter and trying to work too, which is really really hard sometimes, but I manage.. lol. I feel like I work from the time I get up til the time I go to bed, and its really hard to find time for myself sometimes; thats the only downfall for me. :-)


piratesmermaid - January 18

I'm interested in that too, ry. Because I'm going to need at least a part time job for money, but I really don't feel comfortable with a daycare yet (especially after these horror stories on this forum).



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