Work Is Killing Me

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Rabbits07 - March 2

When I first started working we always had 2 people closing the store. Well, in the past month or so they suddenly decided that it doesn't take 2 people to close that one can do it, so me and someone else would be there from 5-8 pm and the second person goes home at 8 and I work until 10 and then close alone. Well, on nights that business is slow this was not a big deal. Also, I was mainly always working with Ashley because no one else likes her and refused to work with her. I liked her once I got to know her and I never had a problem with her work-wise...she always did anything I asked. Ashley got fired (some may remember me posting a while back about knowing they were going to fire her and whether I should say anything.....took long enough, huh?) anyways, now I am stuck working with a bunch who are lazy and do nothing. On top of that for some reason we have been super busy the past week and I've ended up not even getting to leave the store until almost 12 midnight (this has happened before, but only on the rare occasion) and this was with my brother who works at a restaurant next door helping me after he got off of work (which btw is against the rules, but I would be there until 12:30-1 AM if it wasn't for his helping me). I have mentioned several times to management that it is getting a little hard to handle and that some aren't doing their share of work before leaving at 8 PM. The c__ppy part is that I now work with ALL teenagers and on top of that it is the owner's son and his buddies. So, I am totally aware that the amount that I can actually complain is limited. And to top it all off the schedule has me working Sunday 5-close by myself with no help at all!!! I've got to call the manager this morning because I am thinking that had BETTER be a mistake on the schedule. They try to smooth things over by saying that I just do such a good job on closing and that they can tell the difference between me closing and someone else just by looking....while I'm sure this is true I am totally exhausted this past week. I've never had problems with my legs and stuff hurting after work but the past week I have been in such pain after i get home that I can't hardly sleep. On top of that I'm not even getting time to eat while at work so I am starved once I get home but too tired to eat. :-( Well, just I said since it's the owner's son and his buddies that are the prob I can't complain too awfully much one will fire me here! ;-)


jb - March 2

First of all, it is a danger to have only one person close a store at night. I don't think it matters where you live or if you are male or female. When I wworked at fast food restaurants, we ALWAYS had at least 2 people close. We also watched out the indow to make sure that other people got to their cars safe. If I were you, I would screw them right back. If the store closes at 10 pm, I would walk out the door at 10pm. If it is a mess in there.,...well, then they will see what things are like for you. Maybe they will think twice about having you vlose alone (of course thyey may think twice about you working for them too!!). You could also call the owner or whoever does the scheduling, at 10pm and tell them that you need them to come to the shop and help you out because there is too much work for one person at closing.


jb - March 2

Sorry about the typing!!! I just woke up and I still have cob webs in my head!!


sahmof3 - March 2

What a killer that would be!!!!! I hope that you can talk them into letting someone close with you... that's just way too much for one person! I don't know exactly what Subway's like, but I worked at a Burger King once.... there's no way... I'd have been there until at least 1am, probably way later as the BK closed at 11pm. Is anyone else in Big Stone Gap hiring? lol


KLC - March 2

seriously I agree with jb - it just isn't safe ANYWHERE for someone to be closing alone. I would bring that up first and foremost. If the owner gives you a hard time about that - you need to go to the labor board, it is actually not legal in some states. Fast food restaraunts are often targeted near closing - I am not trying to scare you I just can't believe your boss would ignore safety and be so ignorant about his employee's well being.


rl- - March 2

maybe you should stop doing such a great job if others are getting away with it then so can you it is not fair for them to make you do it all alone all the time. You may also want to start looking for another job...just a thought.


piratesmermaid - March 2

I totally agree with jb and KLC. Call the labor board. It is sooooooooooooooo unsafe!! Not to scare you, but my boss (this was a video store, not food, but still) was alone and a guy came in to look at movies and "use the bathroom". Well, our bathroom was in the back and my boss had to get the keys to let him back there and when she did, the guy said he had a gun and locked her in the backroom while he robbed the place. If you can, refuse to close unless they get a second person to help you.


shelly - March 2

i agree with the above posts,you shouldnt have to close alone.thats not fair ,to much work and surely a sefety risk for you, when i was supervisor for a small supermarket there always had to be 2 to open and close and if there wasnt 2 to close and say i opened at 7 in the morning and didnt wait for the other to open up with be i could get suspended. i see what your saying about the owner and his son,its not fair for you to have to have to do the work of 2 people.


karyn - March 2

rabbits07- why kill yourself to close when others don't? i'd do my best until 10pm and then lock up. management will then be forced to make a decision whether or not to add staff.


hello - March 2

In some industries here due to safety and incase something happens, something stolen etc etc.... You have back up... well as i was saying its adamant two close up for these reasons, maybe u should look into it... I know its not like that everywhere but maybe one of the lazy teens could start later and finish with u so it evens out..... Ask about it, if its getting too much which it sounds it is.......


ash2 - March 2

WOW, rabbits you are long overdue for a hot, relaxing bubble bath as well....BTW you have myspace ??


shelly - March 3

Rabbits what happened with work,did anything get sorted out with you closing alone.



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