Worst Christmas Stories

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desiree - December 5

I was reading another post and it gave me an idea. What is your worst Christmas story? Mine happened about 3 years ago...We have a little Shar-pei dog whose puppies were about 3 weeks old on Christmas Day. I was elbow deep stuffing a huge turkey for 14 guests when dh let the dog in from a bathroom break outside. Well about 2 minutes later i hear this hideous ralphing sound from the porch, it is the dog barfing EVERYWHERE including all over her little pups! Yuck, I guess she got into something bad at the neighbors and it made her sick. Anyway I had a gagging hubby, messy dogs and stuffing in my hair. It sucked. I put 6 puppies in the tub and cleaned up. DH gagging in the toilet. I don't think I ate much that Christmas!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 6

Mine would have to be last Christmas (now I look back and it was one of the best, but at the time it was aweful!) We were not trying to get pregnant. I was on birth control, and it obviously didnt work. Somehow his dad found out (either his brother or sister told) and he called us out on it in front of the WHOLE family. We were planning on telling everyone at New Years, kind of likea resolution, like I plan to be a great parent, etc. Anyway, it was pretty embarra__sing.


Chelsey - December 6

It never fails in our family, that something goes wrong on Christmas! Desiree, your story is very gross! But kind of funny too! Hope you have a much better Christmas this year! Stephanie ~ My Mom told everyone I was pregnant before I had a chance to! I was so p*ssed! BTW, Amaya's picture with Santa is beautiful! She is so cute!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 6

Thank you! I am hoping the second time that we get pregnant it goes a little better.... But with our families, probably not!


Lesley - December 6

My worst ever was really depressing. My son was 1. Me and John has split in the November before. That wasn't what made it so bad though. He emptied the bank account and left me with nothing. I only had my child benefit. I had got no christmas presents in at all. I think I saved about £40, and thats all I had to get everyones presents. I am so glad Adam was only 1! In the end I ended up going to the £1 shop and getting stuff form there. It was horrible. Christmas morning came and I did nothing but cry. I hated it. Ever since that christmas I have always swore that will never happen again. I have either saved up, or started really early (about June).


Jamie - December 7

Lesley, I'm so sorry! My dad did the same thing to my mom when they split up...he even took the furniture. *hug* I think my worst Christmas was 2 years ago - Christmas itself was great, but I left 2 days later for Basic training. I haven't been home for Christmas since. :(


Lesley - December 7

It's ok now Jamie. He couldn't of took anythign out the house, That was all mine paid for from the money I got by working. He paid onthing into anything I had. Once I had Adam I never returned to work, he said he would support us, and I should bring Adam up, rather than take him to childminders. We got back together a couple of month later, but I've never forgiven him for that christmas. Funny isnt it! I can forgive him for cheating, but not that! I always make sure I am read by beginning of December. I am running a bit late this year though. Still got one to buy, but if I don't get it it's no big deal.



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