Worst Day Of My Life

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HannahBaby - May 21

Today my daughter fell down the stairs. My in laws came in from NC and just arrived. I was in the living room with my MIL and my husband was in the kitchen with my FIL. He had the baby in the kitchen with him. (later he told me she walked toward the living room and assumed thats where she was) A few minutes later i heard thuds(thought it was the hutch doors), got up and ran towards the kitchen, and watched my baby girl tumble off the last step onto the floor. I dont know how far she fell, i would say about 5 or 6 steps. My heart stopped when i realized that those thuds were not the doors but my baby girls body. She is ok but has a huge line brusied on her face (from one if the steps) and a few knotts on the back of her head. I was so scared and felt so guilty all i kept saying was "i thought that you had her, i thought that you had her" She never leaves my sight, ever, i cannot believe that something like this happened to her. I have a gate up now, Im just so mad that i waited for something like this to happen My husband is a wreck and is feeling so guilty for something that really was an accident.....I just needed to tell my story...Thanks for listening.


ash2 - May 21

oh my goodness! i feel so sorry for you. i have stairs and now am wondering if we should put a baby gate up! our son is three years of age, so he is really old enough to keep his balance but we have another one on the way. how old is your daughter?


HannahBaby - May 21

my daughter is 16 months. Shes just a little one just learning how to walk. She crawled up the stairs and from what i can imagine she stood up and went a__s over tea kettle. I am 19 weeks pregnant as well


kimberley - May 21

Accidents happen....dont beat yourself up too much, she is OK that is the main thing. I remember my 18 moth old son, falling off of one of our dining chairs, it feel backwards, he fell off, and rolled through a gla__s window.........he had not a scratch on him, but I was freaking out...and was mad that the gla__s was so thin his little body rolling not so fast was able to break it. Just a quick note, gates are great for stairs, but if you are always going to live with stairs, still teach her how to use them, with you of course...just put the gates up when you know she is playing.


Bonnie - May 22

Oh sweetie, accidents do happen. You won't be able to stop them all. I would also let your husband know that as he may feel so guilty around you. The best we can do as parents is try to prevent as many accidents as possible. Ya know, I have two 12 year old twins and my DH and I are still so over-protective. A lot of times we are way too much over-protective and we have to remind ourselves that if we shelter them from every possible harm they will never really enjoy anything, lol. Get a gate if you don;t have one and don't beat yourself up about it. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to keep an eye on them 100% of the time. Children are clever little buggers! :D


Mellissa - May 22

hannahbaby, please don't beat yourself up about it!! we also have stairs, and luckily my daughter was almost 2 when we moved in and hasn't fallen down them yet (knock on wood). but the other day she was sitting at the dinner table on her booster seat and i forgot to latch it to the chair after i cleaned it.. she started playing and the whole thing flew right onto the floor. she smacked her nose so hard i was sure it was broke. luckily she wasn't bleeding or anything, but she does have a bruise on the bridge of her nose. it's so hard not to feel guilty when these things happen. i personally have been told that i shelter my daughter, but i can't help being a bit over protective. i couldn't live with myself if something happened to her that i could have prevented. but like everyone has said, accidents happen, and the important thing is that she is ok! :)


TinaMarie - May 22

I am so glad she is ok!! I cannot imagine how scary that was, I am so sorry it happened. Please do not beat yourself up, just give her lots of extra hugs instead!! I am sorry you all had such a terrible scare.


Rabbits07 - May 22

ooohhh, it's so hard when they get hurt and we feel like we should have been able to have prevented it. Those things do happen though no matter how careful you are so don't feel guilty about it. Yesterday must have been the day for accidents for poor husbands...we bought a new dryer and dh was bringing it in, dropped it down (not realizing that our 8-year-old son was in front of it) and it landed on Alex's foot and broke it. DH feels super guilty as well, but it truly was an accident as in your case. It's been my experience that every child gives their parents at least one good scare in their childhood...hopefully this was your little girl's and you have it over with!


HannahBaby - May 22

thanks for all your support ladies. I believe in angels and i do believe one was with my daughter (and melissas son when he fell throught a gla__s window and walked away unscratched) God miracles are all around us. I hope all of you have a wonderful day. I have my 20 weeks ultrasound today so im pretty excited!! talk to you all later


Narcissus - May 22

It would be wise to have her neck and spine x-ray'd to be sure she is not in any danger, especially since you did not see the fall and are not sure how far she fell, or at what angle she fell. Better safe than sorry, especially if she injured her spinal cord or anything near it. Sorry to hear about her fall. My son almost fell from one step and I was close to losing my mind from the "what-if's".


HannahBaby - May 22

my daughter seems great today. I called Drs and they said they wouldent approve an xray....o well. I have been compared to britany spears on other threads so its great to hear from other women who's children have had accidents. I had my us today and it looks like a boy so i know im going to have my hands full in a few years!!


Rabbits07 - May 22

Congrats on the upcoming baby boy!!! People can be crude, I would just ignore the rude comments.


Lillie E - May 22

i'm sorry hannahbaby... its so scary when you realize that its your baby and not what you thought. My son recently fell out of his high chair... it didn't lock in right and we thought it had. we bought a new one the next day. its so heartbreaking when somethingl ike that happens. i'm glad she's ok.



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