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Mommy716 - December 22

I had my son on the bed and I went to get a drink, I was gone for 5 seconds and he rolled off the bed and fell on the floor, he seems fine, I have no way to the doctor, how will I know for sure if he is ok!


carpet - December 22

or no carpet? how high up was it? did he scream alot? how old is he ? just watch him to make sure he is still acting like usual. if it's not nap time and he seems drowsey you might have a problem. daddy was just watching the baby a few minutes ago wehn she fell and bumped her head on the window sill. she has quite a nice lump, but seeing a cat made her all better in about 2 seconds. Right now she is trying to figure out how to work the phone. babies have accidents yours is probably ok.


T. - December 22

Don't feel bad! My 4 & 1/2 month old rolled off the couch this morning while I stepped out of the room for a minute. She was fine, but it just scared her. It made me feel horrible. I won't be leaving her alone anymore!


Kelly K - December 22

My pediatrician said once that parents aren't parents until they drop their kid at least once. My little girl fell off of me when we were sleeping on the couch. She was about 2 weeks old. Scared the c___p out of me but she was fine. Just keep an eye on your son and make sure he doesn't act different or isn't easy to stir when he's sleeping.


Ashley - December 22

there was carpet, but he hit his head off the backpack that was there(it was soft thank heavens) it was alittle less then a meter, he screeched for about 5-10 minutes, til I gave him a bottle, hes 5 months old, 19.1Lbs! hes asleep now(its bedtime) but I'm afraid to sleep, I think I should stay up all nite and watch him


Heavenly - December 22

I know just what you mean. My hubby and were watching tv and all of a sudden there was a load thud. Our daughter that was laying on the couch (RIGHT BESIDE US) rolled off into the floor. She was sleeping at the time. Poor baby what a rude awakening. I cried more than she did.


Mommy716 - December 22

I feel like the worst parent ever, I know it happens to alot of people but I still feel so bad of btw the one from Ashley is me!


Heavenly - December 22

Don't take it so hard on yourself hunny. Just think of it this way....if you weren't so upset and worried about it...then you would be a bad mother ;o)


Shelly - December 22

Don't beat yourself up!! At least your baby is doing fine,right?It does happen often!!! Looks like you already got great advice and support,take good care of yourself and the little one!! *hugs*


Kristina - December 23

omg I haven't dropped Tasia yet but I always have that fear...I did lose my balance a couple of times when I was holding her..thank goodness I regained it! And I bumped her head on more than one occa__sion! =( poor kid


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 23

I fell down the stairs when I had ben in my arms. I couldn't reach and grab the banister cos I would of dropped him so I had to fall :-( Adam has fell off he sofa and Leigh has fell out of bed. Just be carsefull there are no broken or fractured bones.


Jbear - December 23

My husband fell on our front steps while he was holding Valerie, and she landed on the concrete. They were both okay, but badly shaken up.


Mommy716 - December 23

thank you all for your advice, Michael is doing fine!!! I think it was just the initial shock that freaked him out lastnite! and he probably had a headache!! lol! thank you!


C - December 23

Don't feel bad, my middle son fell off the kitchen table. One day he couldn't budge and the next day he was turning over. Big mistake, but accidents happen. You learn from them.


C - December 23

xXx-Lesley-xXx : I fell with my new baby too, but not down stairs. I didn't try to 'catch' myself either because I would have dropped him. He wasn't hurt, but I was banged up and shaking for quite awhile.


Beccah - December 23

Oh, please. You're so not the worst mother ever! Guess what? On the news a few weeks ago, they were arresting a mother in our area for putting her baby in the dryer. The baby died and had multiple bruses and 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Can you believe that?! Dh and I cried for like 2 days after seeing that!


T. - December 23

Beccah, =( so sad! I saw an Maury not too long ago, a show about disturbing crimes caught on tape, and there was a 911 call of a lady who cut her 10 month olds arms off. The 911 dispatcher was asking her questions and she answered them so calmly like othing happened. That lady is PSYCHO!!! The baby was dead when the ambulance got there. That made me sick to my stomach.



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