Worst Tasting Baby Food

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piratesmermaid - January 26

Cast your vote here! :) I thought this would be fun as well as serving as a type of warning for mothers (and babies) who haven't tried that particular food. 'Course this does mean that we taste our babies food, I know I do!


piratesmermaid - January 26

And my vote is the Papaya Dessert. It is nasty!


sahmof3 - January 26

Chicken Noodle dinners (can't remember which brand). I guess my adult sense of taste is spoiled, but that stuff needs some salt lol. The babies actually seemed to like it, though.


shelly - January 26

heinz cheesy vegetables is just totally vile. ds loves it tho.


Shana B - January 26

Stage 2 mac & cheese...GROSS!


Danielle19 - January 26

Prunes....looks and taste gross


aurorabunny - January 26

I am with sahmof3...my ex-husband's son LOVED these chicken noodle rings...some little microwave kids cup thing with a blue plastic lid, I can't remember the brand either...but oh god it was so sick....


missy - January 26

apples & chicken stage 2--NASTY!


cae - January 26

I agree with sahmof3, although I think most of the stage 3 dinners taste SOOOO bland. But I know its just me, being that I like salt on EVERYTHING, and too much of it. Im sure they dont taste bland to babies, and glad there is not alot of sodium in them.


jwhite - January 26

When can you start on chicken noodle dinners?


Nerdy Girl - January 26

The Gerber Graduates Garden Mashers. BLECH! I make my son mashed potatoes with diced up veggies all the time, so I thought the convenient little canned version would be great to take along in the diaper bag. OMG, it was the grossest thing.


Nita_ - January 26

Am sure as my baby grows, I'll find other baby foods yucky, but so far my lo has only had rice cereal, carrots, applesauce and just this mrng, peas. So my vote goes to PEAS!! Yuck! no wonder she hated it! Of course, when I saw prunes on the store shelf yday, I thought they would be yucky!!



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