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Sarah-Natalees mama - December 20

I am having a problem. My husbands grandmother gets shingles(like chicken pox) sometimes. Last time she had them she was going to see Natalee, but we told her that it wasn't a good idea so she called her Dr. and he said it was fine. So we called the peted. and he said no, that she could get chicken pox! So we told her that she would have to wait. And she got to see her a couple of weeks later. This was in Oct. Well now Christmas is this weekend and she has the shingles again. She hasn't seen Natalee in over a month and is really, I MEAN REALLY looking foward to it (shes 87 yrs old). I have tried telling my husbands family the risk but the don't listen. I am thinking of printing out some info from the internet to show them were it says that she could get chicken pox or tell them to call the peted. themselves. I feel like the bad guy. I did read somewhere that if the shingles are covered by clothing that it probably would be fine but thats not good enough. What do you think? What would you do? Natalee will be almost 4 months at Christmas.


monica - December 20

I would not allow it especially if the ped. said no.


CEM - December 20

I would definitely not let anyone who had shingles see my baby, great-grandmother or not. Your baby's health is not something to be taken lightly. I have always been very touchy with stuff like that, shingles and coldsores, and other things that cause lesions. To me, they just seem more serious. When my first-born was around someone with a coldsore who happened to touch his clothes or toys, I would wash those things right away. Another thing I hated was when friends would visit with their kids who had coldsores and let their kids paw all over everything! It's just common courtesy not to do stuff like that. It's your husband's family, and your daughter is related to them - so they of all people should have her best interest at heart. You are NOT the bad guy here. Stand your ground on this one. Good luck.


Emma - December 20

I would never take a risk like that, and you are the mother, hence the expert of your child. If your hubbie's family can't accept the fact that you are being a responsible parent, then too bad for them!! I wouldn't even print anything off the internet for them...knowing that your pediatrician said "no" and that you said "no" should be enough. You shouldn't have to expain your parenting decisions to anyone except yourself!


kellie - December 20

It's an uncomfortable situation, but you are going to have to do what is right for your little one. Families can be so difficult!!!


Eryn - December 20

I would not allow it. I think its a good idea to print info of the internet and show your family. They should be more understanding. Good luck


Sarah-Natalees mama - December 20

You guys are right. It seems like a no brainer! I am going to have my husband talk to them. He is worried about it too but is afraid to say something. But I know he can do it for his daughters sake.


Shelly - December 20

I have to agree,I would not allow it either.Feel bad for grandma though,but she should understand!!!


Christy - December 20

Are her shingles active? If the lesions are crusted over, then she isn't contagious. Still. . . I probably wouldn't risk it. Your baby is still so young and you don't need your dd getting sick and ending up in the hospital. Stick to your guns and good luck!


got them too - December 20

I've got them and wouldn't dream of going anywhere near a child with them. They are easy to treat though. Is grandma taking meds for them? If your baby had a very weak immune system she could end up with them too, not just chicken pox. I would not wish it on anyone. They are very painful and can cause permanent nerve damage. Now that I have them thry tend to come out any time I am very ill. Try to get grandma on meds and have her take care of any stress and other illness. The presence of shingles is her body's way of indicating there are other problems.


citrouille - December 21

I wouldn't let her near my child if I were you. To make a long story short, my sister had chicken pox when I was about 5 months old.. I got it but not bad enough to be immunized.. when I was 10 I got shingles VERY badly.. It is very painful and it is definetly contagious! I spent xmas in the hospital that year.. tell grandma that you are sorry for her but that you don't want to run the risk of your daughter getting sick this early.. especially since at that age she won't built up immunity to chicken pox and will just get it again later on..


Ashley - December 21

I wouldn't let anyone whose sick near my child, not to be mean but I dont like it when Michael is sick



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