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Mellissa - March 7

My mom watches my kids during the day while I'm at work. Rylee is 3 1/2 and I know she needs to get out of the apartment and play for a few minutes during the day, especially since the weather is so nice here right now. My mom won't leave the house (she's seriously like a hermit...lol), but there is a park about 100 feet from her apartment. I was thinking that maybe after school my brother, who's 12, could take Rylee to the park, (which has a 50 foot chain link fence around it, is not near a road, and is hardly ever crowded) for a few minutes. I know my brother, and he wouldn't take her there then get distracted...he would play WITH her. If you had a 12 year old son, or brother, would you trust him with your 3 1/2 year old outside? I'm a paranoid mother, so I have my reservations.. but all in all i think it would be ok. What do ya'll think?


sophandbob - March 7

I personally wouldn't, but then I am a relatively new mother, and only have one child so maybe my judgement is a bit more clouded than others. I barely trust my partner with him!


Steph - March 7

I think he'd be just fine. A 3.5 year old with a 12 year old at the park (super close by as well) should be just fine!


vonzo - March 7

My nephews 12 and when my dd is at my mums (he lives there) he takes her out for walks by himself and im fine with that. They stay in a tiny village and he's never that far away from home that he couldnt run back if anything were to happen. When i was 10 i used to take my niece and nephew to the park on my own to play with them so they could get some fresh air. I think it's down to how you feel. If you trust him then go for it. Listen to what your mummy gut is telling you :o)


luviduvi - March 7

I think it would be fine as long as they BOTH knew the rules. I have a 12 yo niece who just recently babysat for my 2yo and 5mtho while dh and I went to dinner. Everything was fine, she is very responsible.


Renea - March 7

Granted, it is only my backyard, but there is no fence, but I do let my 8 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old outside. My 8 year old keeps and eye on them all if I am not out there. A 12 year old is able to babysit, so I see no harm in letting him take her to the park for a little while, especially since it is so close. If it were a little ways away, that is a different story.


Mellissa - March 7

Thanks guys. :) Like I said, I do trust my brother.. but I worry about my kids..sometimes irrationally. Dh is fine with Tj taking her, as long as he watches her closely. I grew up with 7 siblings, so when we went anywhere we were a pack, and nobody ever messed with us. lol


Jennifer28 - March 7

I have an 11 year-old brother that plays very well w/ his 3 and 5 yr old nieces. As long as he is a responsible kid and will listen to any limits you set (no climbing too high and keep an eye on lo) I don't see anything wrong with it. Maybe set a time limit the first couple of times - 20 minutes the first couple of times, 1/2 an hour the next few, etc. - and see how it goes. I'm a first time mom of a little girl myself and I trust my little brother immensely. He has a heart of gold and loves his nieces so much I know he wouldn't let a hair on any of their heads be harmed! To be even more safe, is there a cell phone he could take with him - just in case?


SonyaM - March 7

I am so paranoid that I most likely wouldn't. I don't like anyone but me/dh and my parents outside with my kids. My 12 y/o neice droppped my four year old over a baby gate onto the HARD ceramic tile floor. He ended up with a busted chin and a trip to the ER. You know your brother better than us though.


mosley12 - March 7

i would. i was 12 when i first started babysitting a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old, and i would take them out to play and to the neighbor hood park. it just depends on your brothers maturity, and if you trust him, and the park isnt to far, than i think it should be fine


Mellissa - March 7

awesome. ya'll have made me feel better. :) of course i'd be worried.. but i'm the type of mom when we're at the park i stand under the slide, or by the swing, or within 3 feet of Rylee at all times. lol. I really have to work on that! All the other moms look at me like I'm a freak as they're standing on the sidelines watching their 2 year olds climb the jungle gyms. lol


HannahBaby - March 7

It really depends on your brother, so its pretty impossible for us to tell you what to do. At 12 i was DEFINATLY mature enought to take a 3 1/2 year old to te park, but my brother, for instance WAS NOT. If you trust your brother, then you will feel secure in allowing him to take her to the park.


Mellissa - March 7

Well, he took her to the park today...after i gave him the lecture on "don't turn your back on her.. and if you see any strange adults hanging around and no kids with them... run home." lol. they did great. Rylee had a ball playing on the swing, and tj was sooo good with her. I'm so proud to have a brother who doesn't get annoyed by my 3 yr old daughter! :)


mosley12 - March 7

dont you think its precious seeing brothers with your lo? my little brother is 16, baseball and football player, and the popular jock, but he is sucha baby with ds..when we were home he would come right in and want to play with him, and when i went to his ball game, he kept bringing everyone over to see him, and all his friends called ds lil slaw, cause my brothers nickname is coleslaw..i guess it doesnt hurt that ds looks exactly like him either!


piratesmermaid - March 7

I'm glad it worked out for you today! It seems like you live in a pretty decent area, which would have been my biggest concern. :)


Brittany - March 7

No matter how "mature" a 12 year old is, I still wouldn't let him/her take my child to a park. What would happen if a stranger chased them down and kidnapped them, a 12 year old couldn't defend himself. Hardly ever crowded? I would rather be around people than be alone in a park by myself. Who do you yell for if someone is pulling you into a car? It's all up to you though, I see way too many kidnappings on the news and people not watching their kids and something happening to their kids. I wouldn't risk it.


hello - March 8

I tend to agree with brittany, certainly not these days.... I couldn't live with myself.. I think back to kristys reminder about the child that got murdered in a toilet over here in aus....... The uncle and another child had taken her to the toilet unaware some psycho was waiting inside there...... Maybe ten yrs ago when things were a bit safer but no way now.......I would point out to your mum how important it is that kids need to play outdoors



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