Would You Go Against Your Midwife

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Lindsey - July 3

This may seem very slefish of me but here is my situation. Last week i spoke to my midwife explaining my ds sleep pattern. I explained that during the day he sleep for about 3 hours, has a feed, stays awake and content for about another hour and then sleeps again. This continues throughout the day. At night he sleeps for 4 hours, has his bottle and normally falls asleep on it. Well my midwife said to not let my ds go more than 5 hours at night without a feed. The last 3 nights he has slept 6-7 hours without waking. I have always fed on demand but i feel guilty that I am going against my midwifes advice. He is a hppy content baby most of the time apart from a few hours in the evening when he screams the place down because of colic. Would you carry on letting him sleep or would you wake him. As soon as he wakes he has his bottle and normally has another 3 hours before waking up completely.


jas - July 3

How old is you little one? It all depends on his age. Any book on infant care will tell you that newborns should not go more then 4-5 hours without eating. Once they are over 28 days (when they are not considered a newborn) then they will be able to wake on their own as needed...


Lindsey - July 3

He is only 18 days old. The trouble is, is when I try to wake him he will only eat about an ounce and then just get grizzly and fall asleep, he gets fustrated if i try and give him a bottle when he's not ready.


jas - July 3

As long as he is happy and as long as he is gaining weight like he is supposed to, then I would let him sleep... I have fed on demand too (my lo is now 3 months) but mine wouldn't let me sleep more then 4 hours back then.


Jamie - July 3

I have never once woken my daughter to eat. At 3 weeks she was sleeping 6-8 hours at a time. She is 11 months now, and is sleeping 10-12 hours at a time. If your son is happy, content, and gaining weight well, let him sleep. Waking him will only create problems where problems do not currently exist.


angelbebe - July 3

I agree with the others. I think if he is gaining weight and showing all the other signs of healthy growth, then I would let him sleep. Just try to get at least 8-10 feedings in a 24 hour period, however that falls. Chances are his sleeping pattern will change a bit as he gets a bit older. Paia was sleeping like that too in the beginning, now she wakes up on her own a couple times a night. My doctor here said I should wake her up every 3 hours to feed. I'm like, yeah, right!


kvilendrer - July 3

I agree. I if he is content to sleep, let him. You shouldn't feel guilty about going against your midwife...you are the parent.


Rabbits07 - July 3

I wouldn't be concerned about not waking him at night so long as he is gaining weight good and has the minimum required wet & dirty diapers a day. I had the same prob with my lo when he was first born...and what good does it do to wake them if they only nurse for 10 seconds or take an ounce and fall right back to sleep. I would let his weight and diapers tell me if he needs more.


lindsay - July 3

hey lindsey, i would just let him sleep!!! i never wake lexi when she's on one of her sleep stretches, and i know george eats well, so you do what your gut tells you; you're the mommy!! :-)



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