Would You Have 3 Week Old Around Someone With Pneumonia

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**** - December 21

We had planned to take a trip with my stepson after christmas & he has been in the hospital with pneumonia since Tuesday, out of school since last Wednesday. I want to cancel the trip due to dd is only 3 weeks (will be 4 weeks old at the time of the trip) and I think she shouldn't be around him suffering from pneumonia for a few weeks until he is ALL better and not coughing and sniffling & spreading the germs around. What would you guys do?


Frances - December 21

That would depend. Is the pneumonia viral? It is usually not contageous if it is not viral as I believe that pneumonia is the bi-product of something else. Like if he had a really bad cold and was worn out it would become pneumonia. There are 4 kinds that I know of, aspiration pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, viral pnumonia and walking pneumonia. I would find out what kind he has and then see what the pediatrician says. If he has a variety that isn't contageous or is past the point of being contageous you would probably be just fine. However, if you can't be comfortable about it, there is no harm in declining to protect the health of your newborn. Merry Christmas!!


jenn - December 21

The bottom line is that you have to keep your newborn healthy. However, this is going to cause resentment with your stepson because he is going to feel like you are choosing the baby over him. I am a__suming that the boy lives with his mother? It is very hard on a kid when their Dad gets re-married and starts a new family. I would treat this very delicately.


Lynn - December 22

Well, there's a problem with finding out what kind he has.. We can't get a tsraight answer out of anyone. I'm pretty sure it is viral because it started with a cold thing that turned into an upper respiratory tract infection which evolved into pneumonia. But we don't know what virus caused it & the general rule for those viruses are that they can be contagious for up to 2 weeks, some longer if he is still showing symptons. I'm already to the point that I know I don't want him around the baby for at least another week just to be sure... nuch less confined in a car with the baby for 7 or 8 hours. He doesn't know that we have the trip planned & he knows that he can't be around the baby when he is sick, last weekend was supposed to be our weekend for him, but he was sick so we didn't get him. I'm going to call the pediatrician today but I'm pretty sure I already know what they're going to say, my pediatrician is very conservative when it comes to things like this.


Jamie - December 22

How old is he? When I was 6, my older brother and I got chicken pox from our stepbrother (stepfather's son) - at the same time, our stepmother was uber pregnant...she had the baby, and was told to keep my older brother and I away from the baby for 6 weeks, to make sure we were both over it before we met him. Neither one of us resented it, cause everyone made sure to tell us that it was to keep the baby from getting sick.


Lynn - December 22

He's 10, he understands that the baby can't get sick & if she does, it can be really bad. And he's REALLY laid back, I don't think that he will resent anything - especially since he doesn't know about the trip we had planned. If he did know, he's more of the type of kid to feel bad for everyone else because now noone can go because he got sick..


Narcissus - December 22

Did you decide not to go? I would not take the risk if it were me.


Lynn - December 22

I've decided not to go. We'll just have him over for a long weekend for New Year's .. the Dr. office said to keep them separated for at the very least another week. They said 2-3 weeks from onset of symptons but then I mentioned that he was just discharged from hospital last night and they said wait another week before having them in close contact, such as riding in a car together, sleeping in the same room, etc,etc.


Narcissus - December 22

That sounds wise:)



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