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ssmith - February 15

My sister-in-law has asked me if I could babysit her son (my nephew) one day next week. She offered to pay me since she will be at work (not just out for fun). I could really use the money.....but feel very awkward accepting money from her. Would you take the money, or not....??


BriannasMummy - February 15

If I absolutely needed the money I would accept it. I mean youre doing her a favour by watching her son.. and she is doing you a favor by throwing u a little bit of extra cash. ~Kristin~


shelly22 - February 15

This is just me, but no I wouldn't except it. I think if you were doing it on a consistent basis, like one day a week for a long period of time then yes. Just on occasion, and it's family then I wouldn't. I won't except money from family or close friends if I'm just doing it as kind of a favor. Now, like I said if it was all the time then thats a little different


rl- - February 15

If you need the money then take it I don't see any reason not too and she did offer if she did not want to pay you she would not have offered it atleast that is how I see it. I would have said no if she were just going out for fun but as you said she is making money too. You could always tell her how much she is helping you out by throwing a bit of cash your way but I would not charge her alot and I would let her pick the amount.


ashtynsmom - February 15

Yes, I would take it. Tell her it is not necessary, but if she keeps insisting, then take it. She probably has to pay a sitter normally, right?


Heather F - February 15

I babysit another baby in addition to my own - it is way to much hard work tonot be paid for it!! its not like your occasionally trading babysitting on the weekends, this would be a regular thing. By all means take the money!


KLC - February 15

I personally wouldn't take it if it were a one time thing because it is family. My SIL used to watch my kids off and on and she would never take money from em even when I offered so now the deal is if I take them to her to watch I don't pay becuase she won't take it. But I often have my 16 year old niece, her daughter, babysit and I pay her.


kellens mom - February 15

If it is a rare occurence, I would say you should not accept. However, if you think this will start happening more regularly (more often then 3 times a year), I would say that you have the right to get some benefits. If she offers you money you could say, "well I have been looking to buy something for myself, but have been feeling guilty" smile and take the money.


sahmof3 - February 15

My nephew's wife will occasionally ask me to watch her two kids. At first I wouldn't take her money, but she began taking advantage. She didn't bring them real often, but what she would do was turn up on my doorstep looking frazzled and saying she didn't have a sitter that day because of X, Y or Z... all things that she could have called me ahead of time for, but didn't... so you bet your bunnies I took her money then lol. (Not that your sil is like that... just my reason for accepting her money.... plus when I watch hers + mine there's 5 kids running around here ;-)).


mcatherine - February 15

I wouldn't take it if it is only an every now and then thing - even if I needed the money, but thats just my opinion. I guess when you need a sitter and don't really have the money to pay for one the favor might be returned....



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