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Christy - January 19

I put this on the end of a long, older thread on circ_mcision. For those of you in the US who had your sons circ_msized, would you have done it if your insurance company did not pay for it?


Barb - January 19

our insurance changed and it would not have covered it if we had a boy....yes, we'd still have it done.


Brandi - January 19

We have to pay $695 when our son comes in April but we have decided that we want to do it.


Dawn C - January 19

My ins covered it but YES we would have done it anyway. I am a nurse and I know they alot on how it is not necessary BUT I have seen alot of older men who are not circ_m and have herroic infection and funk in the skin where its not taken care of


LilMum - January 19

I had to pay to get both my sons circ_mcised. I don't know if I would have even circ_mcised either of them if my husband hadn't said he wanted to though.


Christy - January 19

This is really interesting. Keep the answers coming, ladies. :)


BB - January 19

My insurance does cover it (and they cover it as a preventative measure believe it or not) but even if it didn't I would pay!


Lilly - January 19

Definitely I would have done it if it wasn't covered. My pediatrician charged $300. Which is miniscule compared to the money saved in future emotional distress! I know it sounds ridiculous, but my ex wasn't circ'ed and he had ISSUES about it


Meredith - January 19

I would not have done it if I had boys instead of girls. My husband did not have it done, so I would want him to match with his kids, you know? Besides, I feel sorry for those little guys. :-(


J - January 19

No way! Why would I mutilate my child without their permission? If they choose to when they are an adult then that is their decision. I don't belong to a religion that requires it of him (although I don't know if that would even be enough to convince me to have my son have an unnecessary surgical amputation) and I think its silly and risky to follow fads that require surgery. I find it difficult to understand why someone would allow their baby be hurt and permanently altered, or, even more confusing, pay to have it done.


Mommy - January 19

I would have paid to have it done even if DH's insurance wouldn't have. I never really though about not getting it done and dh agrees that it's better. He's not done and it bothers him and it hurts way worse to get it done as a man then to get it done as a baby. Babies forget the pain in a week or two. And as for it making them mad that you didn't ask to get it done, most circ_msised guys I know have yet to miss the extra inch of skin. I doubt that many men stew everyday over something they don't even remember having done.


Jenn... - January 19

Yes, I even intended to pay for it. I was suprised to find out that my insurance covered it.


erin - January 20

absolutely. my husband is and my son was going to be also. he was healed in less than a week and it looks perfect~


yungmama - January 20

I would definately pay. I actually may have to. It can become very unsanitary if it is not taken care of properly.


J - January 20

Any p___s can become unsanitary if it is not cleaned, I hope that is not your primary motivation.


let it go J - January 20

No matter what her motivation ( or your hope), it's still her choice.



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