WOW Couldn T Believe It

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mama3 - June 28

My dd just turned 7 weeks yesturday and she slept from 930pm to 7am... Of course I thought she would get up by 3am as she does every night. I finally stoped waiting and went to bed. O'boy I wish I would have went to bed earlier, lol. Wonder if she'll do this again tonight? fingers crossed. Just wanted to share in my happiness. I never had any of my dd's sleep like this, not as a infant.


mayaB - June 28

WOW I'm jealous. My baby is 6 weeks old and at the moment has gone 6 hrs w/out eating. He has sleepy days and days spent awake. Today he has decided to nap. what a relief!! i guess this means tomorrow I'll be busy soothing.


HannahBaby - June 28

That is the same thing that happened with my daughter. She was about 5 weeks. Her usual routein was to bed at 11pm (when my hubby got home i woke her up changed and fed her) then she got up at 3,5,7 to eat. One night i woke up to her crying and it was light out!! I was like O MY GOD. And after that night, she slept throught the night everynight


olivia - June 28

I remember when my dd first did this. I was nursing her, so I was up pacing around the house completely engorged and uncomfortable just waiting for her to wake up! That eased up after a few days of it, but I always thought it was funny that she was finally sleeping away and I was up pacing and wishing she'd wake up to relieve me. Hopefully you'll have a good sleeper on your hands! Good luck.


Kel - June 28

Wow - congrats!!! How exciting. I remember the first time my dd did that a couple of weeks ago. She still has her times where she wakes up, but now I just put her paci in her mouth and back to sleep she goes. Isn't is wonderful. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep cause I'm not used to get so much rest now! I'm sure that will change once I return to work. Hope she keeps it up for you!


mama3 - June 28

thank you all very much. She is a handfull again today, so maybe that means she is going to sleep good again. I've always been up every 3-4 a night till there about 1. So this would be awsome. I formula feed her and she stoped taking her paci about 1 week ago. She was sleeping 6 hrs but then she went back to getting up every 4 hrs then bam. I am so hoping she does all the time. Now if I can get my 2 yr old to sleep all night again, lol. It is so wonderful to hear that you ladys lo's are sleeping good too. Olivia- ouch I know the pain, lol. My 2nd dd was BF. If I went more than 3 hrs without nursing her I was in pain. Though she only slept upto 4hrs it is painful. She had tummy problems and tended to eat, vomitt, and eat again. So I was over producing milk. I said no-way this time, lol. Here I am rambling on, lol. Thank you all again for letting me share my good news.


Bree - June 28

That's great! Do you usually wait out the 3am feeding before going to bed? If so, how do you do it?!


cae - June 28

Congrats mama, hopefully your dd is starting to get into a consistent sleeping schedule. I wish you more sleep to come!


Lindsey - June 28

Mama3, did this just happen, your lo sleeping through the night or had you tried anything like CIO. My little one is only 2 weeks old so i know i'm a few weeks off but i'm keen to try and get more than 2 hours sleep at a time, especially now my husband has gone back to work and i have to do all the night time feeds. i formula feed my ds.


mama3 - June 28

Bree- Yes I usually wait for her feeing. I get on my computer. Then watch a movie that I get from netflix. Then just talk to my mom for a bit. Somedays it does get hard, but I manage. Don't know how though, lol. Lindsey- I don't do cio. I've always just let my baby sleep and stay up when they wanted. I do bath her every night between 8-9 pm. She gets very fussy if I don't bath her. She either drinks 4oz before or after her bath. Which ever she choses. Thank you all.


^lucy^ - June 29

mine did the same last night i woke up at 6 going crazy that she might have woke up and i didnt hear her!! she slept from 12 until 6 am continously i was in a total shock we didnt get up at 3 to feed her.. it was such a surprise :) she's 5 weeks though,, i wish we could go for more than 6 hours sleeping but that was such a sweet surprise of her :)


mama3 - June 29

Well I guess it was a one time thing, lol. She didn't goto bed till 10:30. She got up around 2:30 ate almost 2 oz and back to bed till 5:30. She ate an fussed around till 6am played in her bounce till 8am then she got cranky. Didn't want to eat. Wouldn't lay down in her bed. So I put her in her swing and she is still sleeping in it. I love how my girls are all so different. I feel like I'm a first time mom with each one, lol. Hope everyone got some rest.



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