Wrapping The Infant

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Baby Andre - August 26

In the hospital the nurses wrapped the babies like a burrito. Should this continue at home? And should the baby be wrapped so tightly that he/she can not move their arms from their sides?


Erica - March 20

I think it is a good idea to keep them wraped tight it is a since of security for them.


Griselda - March 26

Yes Because they are secured


jessica winter nursery nurse - April 8

hi i work in a post natal ward. when im at work i always wrap them up so their arms cant move only because they feel secure and they cant yet control there own body heat. I never advise to do it when mothers go home. The safest way of putting your baby to sleep is to put your baby at the end of the cot with 3 or 4 blankets. Everytime you get upto feed just feel your babies chest and add or take a blanket away depending on how your baby feels.


Kim - June 26

Yes, because this makes then feel secure, like when they were in the womb. It helps when your little one is getting fussy or is crying and you've tried many things. It helped with mine.


Shea - June 26

There is no need to wrap your baby once you get home. It is just a hospital precaution. If you keep your baby in bed with you, your body heat will keep your baby warm. You can also b___stfeed before your baby gets all worked up from crying. Another benefit is that you will be more rested if you're not getting up all night. It's very natural, the way things were ment to be.


jojo - August 26

i think it is called swaddling them and when they start crying it it calms them down


Allyson - December 2

I always hated holding babys when they were wraped like that.. i don't think u should wrap them as tight but good enough so they know they are secured.


yes - March 16

my baby sleeps longer when she is swaddled. it also helps calm her when she is fussy. my pediatrition recommended it as well. throughout history mothers have swaddled their babies to make them feel comforted... and it really does work.


Stephanie - April 22

My daughter was swaddled until she was over one year old. And very tightly at that. It was the only way that she would sleep and it would calm her down instantly.


To Shea - April 22

You are very wrong- Sleeping in bed with an infant is very dangerous. I as a paramedic have been on 2 calls this year one baby was dead and the other will have brain damage because the parent rolled over and suffocated the child.



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