X Cut Nipples For Bottles

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Prego1 - January 2

Anyone using these? What brand are you using and where did u get it from? I'm searching for one that will not leak from the sides. I bought some evenflo brand and put them in w/ the Gerber Clearview. They leak and formula is wasted. I called Gerber but theirs only come in latex and is not available where I live. We thicken DD's formula due to reflux and that's why we need a nipple that has a bigger hole. Thanks.


lily10 - January 2

I have never heard of the nipples you are talking about but I do know that playtex makes a variable nipple for the drop in nurser system. The variable flow nipple is designed for thicker liquids.


ginger6363 - January 3

I had terrible luck with nipples with trying to thicken my dd formula for reflux (per dr's orders). I used an Avent variable flow nipple (it wasn't "x" cut; it was a "slash" cut). The formula leaked all over and my dd actually started choking it was coming out so fast. I tried experiementing with reg. nipples, making the holes wider, etc but I could never get it down. I eventually gave up. I feed my dd cereal with a spoon now, but she's 4.5 months, so I it worked out. The whole cereal in a bottle thing is really, really tough. I wish you luck!


Prego1 - January 3

Ginger: Hi. I also tried the Avent ones, originally my DD was using the Avent bottles. Well you're right those variable flow nipple leaked so bad! I hated them, and so much formula was coming out. So what did u do? For right now I need to keep thickening her formula. I don't use rice cereal, I use ThickenUp.


emfine99 - January 4

I also have the little avent bottles with the variable flow. I don't like using them but my husband loves them. For some reason, when he uses them, they don't leak all over dd. I must be doing something wrong. I personally think they come out too fast, but if you're putting cereal in the bottle, I think they would work good.


jendean00 - January 4

We did thicken our DD due to reflux with rice cereal (per her doctor) and we use Doctor Browns bottle and they make a Y cut nipple for thicker formulas and it worked great. I love Dr Browns bottles they are a booger to clean but worth it in the long run.


beckhah - February 18

Can you not use the Gerber X-Cut Latex nipples? Are you looking for silicone ones? I used the Gerber X-Cut ones for my son who had colic and reflux & the doctor put him on a special formula that we had to thicken as well. I agree that the Dr. Brown bottles are a pain to clean, but I loved the Gerber x-cut better than the y-cut.



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