Yay Now Need Schedule Advice

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ash2 - February 6

Well i got an offer for 1st shift to work so no more working evenings and getting home at midnight !! Here is the thing...i have been working second shift for almost 7 years now, and even before the kids came. My question is what are some of your routines for evenings ? What time is dinner, bath ? bed? Do you stay up with DH before going to bed ? I am off of work one day a week on second, but we are usually out doing something as it is the only day off we get to do something together. So now, i am making a routine for my family every night : ) Please share some of the things you do during the week other than the obvious church, and " board game night "...


sophandbob - February 6

I suppose 'film night' may fall into one of those obvious categories too. A stroll when weather is permitting is always nice.


mcatherine - February 6

We all have dinner together at 6. Baby eats at 6:30 - then we just hang out while I clean, hubs does some laundry, Hayes gets the pc for his games - we all play with the baby. 7:30, bath time for Hudson - bottle and then bed. 8:30 - bath time for Hayes then we play...gulp...a board game, lol - 9:30 bed. 9:45 - my husband and I meet on the couch and break out the TiVo remote! We always go to bed together. If I feel like staying up late, he stays up late and vice versa. On Wednesdays it is game night, take out - that sort of thing - it helps to break up the week. Thursday I sneak out with the girls after Hudson goes to bed!!! Congratulations!


mcatherine - February 6

This doesn't include weekends - we're all over the place! No schedules except on Sundays. Paper, Starbucks and muffins every Sunday morning - never changes. And like S&B - we take a lot of walks in the warm weather!


ashtynsmom - February 6

I get home from work about 5:15, Ashtyn eats around 5:30 and we eat around the same time-depending on what I am fixing, or brough home :) We play with her until bedtime. She gets a bath around 7:30-7:45 and is in bed aorund 8pm. Hubby and I watch TV, talk or "do it" ha ha Summer is much better, because we go on walks or take Ashtyn to the park. Winter is hard because we are stuck inside and she is too young for board games or movie night, or whatever.


jwhite - February 6

mcatherine are you a stay at home mom?? I have about the same schedule you do with your lo but I work and it doesn't sound like you do unless you can stay up late and still get up in the morning to go to work. I have to go to bed at least by 10 o'clock during the week and on the weekends. I'm a wimp I guess..


mcatherine - February 6

Yup - I'm a sahm. My son sleeps 8 to 8. We go to bed around midnight every night. Sometimes, I read until 1 or 2, though. I am off to the gym by 9-9:30 to help boost my energy!


jwhite - February 6

mcatherine you're lucky.. I wish I could stay home. my dd goes ot bed at 8 and wakes around 7 or 8. Last night though she woke up at 12 and then again at 3 but went back to sleep both times within 15 minutes of whining. I think she was like that cause she didn't have a nap yesterday.


ash2 - February 6

Sound good ! Mcatherine i like your ideas ! Keep em' comin : )


kellens mom - February 6

Off at 4:30 (or 5). Pick up lo immediately. Get home half hour later. Unpack the days daycare supplies for cleaning. Love the baby and give her a bottle/b___b. Play for another 20 minutes. Around 6pm, start making dinner for everyone. Usually dd is fed between 6-630. dd plays with daddy until bath time around 7:15. I get to play during bathtime. Out of the tub around 7:35. Books, b___b/bottle and to bed before 8 pm. DH and I watch tv, eat a late dinner, work on house chores/bills, read, etc until going to bed around 10-10:30. DH has "boy time" with friends on Thursdays after dd goes to bed. Sorry we are not more exciting....


jillianT - February 6

wow ash... how great for you! ha ha kellens mom. your evening sounds exactly like mine except if miles has homework he does it after dinner if not we watch a movie together or just hang out and chat or read. we are boring too :) my biggest advice would be to have clothes for yourself and the kids set out for the next day and make sure the diaper bag is packed and ready to go so that you aren't scrambling around in the morning trying to find something.


SonyaM - February 6

My dh usually takes the boys when he gets home from work about 4:45 or 5:00 so I can start dinner in peace. We usually eat at 5:30 or 6:00. We then play either outdoors, in the gameroom or just in the living room until 7:00. Then it's bathtime, snack time and off to bed. Hubby and I usually stay up hanging out, surfing the net, watching tv or what not. We typically go to bed together between 10 and 11 but sometimes one of goes to bed earlier than the other. Just depends on what's going on. My dh does work sometimes late doing computer work so I head off to bed then. I need more sleep than he does.



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