Yay Colts

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MizzLuvv - February 4

We won! We won! Go Colts! Woo hoo!


Lisastar9 - February 4

What state are the colts from I am in Canada,we have different fottball here.


jb - February 4

They are from Indiana...they are called the Indianapolis Colts.


Lisastar9 - February 4

My friend of mine live in Ill and I have bben to South Bend.


jillianT - February 4

i am in illinois about an hour and a half south of chicago, so everyone here is crazy for the bears, but i lived in Indianapolis for awhile after highschool and i secretly wanted them to win. YAY COLTS!!


Gena - February 4

I'm about 20 min south of Indy, it's crazy here right now!


jillianT - February 4

i bet gena. are you in greenwood... that's actually where i lived. i worked in indy though.


pinkbo0tlace - February 5

I wanted the Chicago Bears to win! BOOOO...Anyone liked half time?!...LOL!


Rabbits07 - February 5

I wanted the bears to win, too....oh well, maybe next year. Hopefully the QB will get his game together and they won't rely on poor Jones to win the whole game.


Emily - February 5

jillianT, I am liek you, I live in IL a littel farther south of Chicago but still in Bears Country. I root for the Colts. I am a TOny Dungee fan, so that is where I get my like for them. I like the way they play and their whole organizattion, Go colts!


Renea - February 5

Could they not get anyone better than Prince to play for half time? I was rooting for the Bears, but they played like c___p right after the 1st quarter.


mcatherine - February 5

Prince is old school and doing his older stuff made it better to everyone at our house. I thought it was one of the better half-time shows that we've seen in years. I can say I was disappointed in the lack of funny commercials - but even I tip my hat to the Nationwide/KFed commercial. Takes a man to take a shot at himself like that. It was the only one that made me laugh!! We rooted by conference - so yay Colts!!



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