Yay I Have A Job Interview

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mosley12 - March 6

well, its not a job job or anything, but its an interview to watch a little girl 2 nights a week. the mom wants me to watch her in thier home, but told me i was more than welcome to bring ds has her daughter, who's 5, loves babys. i know its not much , but it will be an extra 100 a week or so to put in our savings, tax free. the only thing is im going out of town for a week in a few weeks and i dont know if she'll want to hire me knowing i'll be gone! but hopefully i can get the job anyways..wish me luck!


Steph - March 6

Yeah for you! Hopefully you get it and you like the little girl! You may want to double check if your not going to have to pay taxes on the money or not. The mom will get an expense credit for paying you to watch her kid so she may claim that she pays you for her benefit, wherein your going to have to claim as well.


mosley12 - March 6

hm really?? ive never heard of that. i use to watch 2 little kids 4 days a week and that money was tax free


Steph - March 6

Whenever I file taxes, (if you itemize) it'll ask you how much you paid someone to look after your children. I never put in an amount because my mom watches my kids for free. But, if she's going to be paying you approximatley $4800 per year, I'd think that she'll itemize her child care and other costs.


mosley12 - March 6

hmm. if i get the job i'll be sure to ask. i was making about 250 a week at my other job and never taxes that


Steph - March 6

It really depends on the person, but it certainly couldn't hurt to ask! Hope you get the job!



YEIIII!!!congratulations mosley, but steph is right so find out for sure. No one wants the IRS on their behind. good luck!


LisaB - March 6

Good luck- the tax thing is tricky if the mom claims she pays you you have to pay taxes on it I would ask he straight away if she does or not. I do not claim my girl cuz shes only charging me 4 bucks an hour a big savings compared to day care so it works out for both of us. However if my ds had to go to daycare then I would claim it so it just depends.


krnj - March 6

Best of luck to you!


CyndiG - March 6

I claim childcare on my taxes, (we own a business and itemize). I have to supply the IRS with the tax id number of the person or business keeping my kid. So you would know because she would ask for your social security number. But not always up front. She could call you in April when she files next year and say, btw, I need your ssn. I would definately make sure up front. You would hate to come up at the end and have to pay! Good Luck.


mosley12 - March 7

yay i got it..and she isnt going to claim it on her taxes..lol..but im also in talks to get another job for the 3 others days! so hopefully i'll get that one too


Lisastar9 - March 7



mandee25 - March 8



LisaB - March 8

Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Good luck



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