YAZ Birth Control Pill

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Mrs.Ireland - October 10

Any of you ladies have experience with it? My OB prescibed it to me yesterday and he said that you will only have a period for 3 days, I like that idea. It's pretty pricy though, $45 a month. We pay full for our meds and then we get reimbursed with my hubbies company, so hopefully the reimburse for birth control!!!


Krissy25 - October 10

Most types of bc pills will shorten and lighten your period, and they can usually take away some of the uncomfortable side effects of having a period, like cramps and bloating. I don't have any experience with yaz but i was on a generic pill for 7 years and it woked great and my periods were no longer than 5 days at the most. If your company doesn't cover the cost of this pill or only covers some of it talk to your doctor and see if there is a similar generic pill that offers the same thing.


Mrs.Ireland - October 10

Oh I guess I didn't even know they make generic pills, thanks for the heads up Krissy!!!


aliciavr6 - October 10

I'm on Seasonique which is the one where you go 3 months in between periods. My insurance covers most of it, but I have a $45 copay every 3 months. Insurance should cover yours, although I think the copay for a generic one is cheaper, at least with mine. Anyhow, I started Seasonique 2.5 months ago, had my period for ONE month, now get it sporatically. Doctor said "Oh yeah that happens a lot in the first 3 months"... great. haha. No side effects, although once I started taking it, I COMPLETELY lost my s_x drive. Doesn't seem to be too common though, I have seen info saying for some, it increases it. Anyway, this could be completely different since it's a different bc pill so I'll shutup now. :)


krnj - October 10

I'm about to start Yaz myself, this Sunday. I'll let you know how it goes! I'm worried it's going to make me nauseous as other bc pills did. I have no time to be nauseous!! lol


Mrs.Ireland - October 11

Krnj- The pharmacist told me to take it with food, if that helps at all. I am afraid of gaining weight, just when I am trying to lose the baby weight.



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