Yet Another Teething Question Or Vent I M Not Sure

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flower.momma - March 13

Flynn's tooth still has not popped out yet and he is just miserable. He has been running a low-grade fever for almost a week (99-100) and he is a mess. He just sits there with these tired eyes, mouth partway open and drools. He tries to smile and engage me, but usually ends up with a quivery lip and frown. The only thing that makes him happy are baths and massages. He has been napping all the time, and he doesn't seem to be improving. Does this sound normal for teething? My dd had a really high pain tolerance, and would maybe get a little grumpy at night, but little man is either a wimp, or in a lot worse pain. I also don't want to mistake teething symptoms for something worse. His ped. says he looks fine, but I just want my goofy, happy guy back!


Lisastar9 - March 13

If he is feeding normally and having enough wet diapers in a day,I would chalk it up to teeth. Have you tried to give him pain relief for his teeth. I use Hylands teething tablets for my soon to be one year old and have used them with my other two.


bradylove - March 13

Does he seem almost sounds like that's what your describing. Maybe he's got a little flu bug. I don't remember my little guys being that sick when teething. I mean definitely grumpy, possibly feverish and drooly, but not out of sorts otherwise...hmmm...


flower.momma - March 13

He just seems reluctant to really come out of himself, does that make sense? I did get him going a few times today with tickles and a bath. I think this morning he was just really not feeling well. I am using tylenol and orajel.


Emmie - March 14

Definitly try the Hyland teething tablets. Also you can give him a little tylenol to help with the pain.


amyh - March 14

My daughter experiences the same thing. She is now 13 months and has 2 teeth. Each time- she gets a low-grade fever for about a week, a runny nose, and she also slept more. I thought it was because she was probably awake more at night due to the pain and was therefore tired....but, as i said after these 5 days of the same symptoms- a tooth appears.


Topaz - March 14

My dd has been teething for the past couple of weeks and no tooth yet!! I know what you are going through. She tends to get rather fussy with the pain and she definitely doesn't act like her normal playful self. I swear by the Hylands teething tablets. They definitely take the edge off the teething pain on the more difficult days. I also give her some Tylenol when she is especially fussy with teething.



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