Yipee Another Stroller Question

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LisaB - March 1

I know I have asked about umbrella strollers before but I am so confused bt what kind of stroller to get. I wore out the wheels on my travel system cuz we walk so much and spring is almost here so we will be back walking again!! (yipee bye bye saddle bags) anyhoo should I even get an umbrella stroller or just get a jogging stroller or do I need to get one of each and what kind I have been searching online and its overwhelming how many there are. I said price wasn't an issue but I wont pay 400+ for a stroller thats crazy. I need something that travels well but is durable and will last throug daily 3 mile+ walks. I want it to be great for the mall, fair, parks, and long long walks. Thanks for your help!


bradylove - March 1

I walk a lot too and I just got a double jogging stroller (I have 2 kids), and I love it!!!! I found one on sale for $100....but that was a couple of months ago. It's definitely worth the money even if you have to pay full price, especially if your a walker/jogger.


ssmith - March 1

I have the Peg Perego Pliko P3, and I LOVE IT! It reclines all the way, has adjustable footrest, good canopy, it has shocks in the wheels so it takes bumps pretty well, it folds up super tiny like an umbrella stroller, and is only like 16 lbs or something. DH & I go on lots of long walks too, and it is great. And, like I said, it's light and folds so it's also good for trips to the mall etc.


mcatherine - March 1

I use the umbrella stroller for quick in and out trips. I use the jogging stroller for exercise/long walks. I use the travel system stroller for when I know he will have to take a nap in it (the mall). I plan to get a lightweight stroller with a little more recline than the umbrella closer to spring for the pool, park, etc... I can't take the jogger into to mall - how in the world do you manuever it through the aisles?? Why couldn't you get both? Umbrellas are only like $20 or if you prefer the lightweights they are like $50 and you can get a good jogger for $150.


mandyrenfro - March 1

check your second hand stores! i have the jeep umbrella stroller and a travel system...no jogging stroller, but i've seen used ones at our local Once Upon A Child


aggie03 - March 1

I LOVE my Pliko P3...(I think I answered another of your questions the same..if so sorry for the repeat) It really is worth the $$, and right now you can get last years models on sale. it steers sooooo well, I pushed my friends ds in her combi and the P3 is way better at manuvering. If you do more than just walk, (like jog or walk on jogging paths) I would get a jogging stroller and umbrella like mcatherine said.


Keli - March 4

if you want an umbrella stroller, I suggest the McLaren Triumph


Smilefull - March 4

Okay, this might seem crazy but I had had two strollers, and an umbrella stroller and nothing really worked for all our needs, then one day at Costco we bought the Bell Bike attachment for kids. You know it's like a little tent that attaches to the back of the bike. I can sit two kids---we'll it also converts into a stroller and it's fabulous because it's really light weight, it's roomy enough for my toddler to play/sleep etc. and it's REALLY easy to maneuvre and fold up. It's been working like a charm. Now that my daughter is getting old enough there's tonnes of room for her there too!


Smilefull - March 4

sorry I had to add--because of the big bike wheel it's really easy to push on long walks.



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