You Are All Wonderful Mommies

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YC - May 25

I just wanted to say that I really feel that the vibe on this infant care section has gotten so much better. I stopped coming for a while due to all the negativity. I really believe in surrounding myself with positive people. I have asked and answered several posts lately and everyone seems to be really supportive of one another. This makes my heart feel good. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and keep it up ladies! I think that we can all have our own opinions and voice them in a nurturing way. Ultimately we all have the same end goal...raising happy healthy babies.


Bonnie - May 26

YC, you are always one of the peopel on here that I look forward to hearing from. :D


JAI - May 26

I too really enjoy coming on this site and seeking advice and hearing how other moms are doing with their little ones. I feel it is a great way to communicate with others that know exactly what your going through and experiencing. If I can help someone else that is trying something that I already have then I feel great, and if I can learn from someone that has already experienced something I want to try then I really appreciate it. All you mommies keep up the good work!!!


ry - May 26

I lov ethis forum, none of my friends have had babies yet and it gets so lonely. you guys rock-i love that we can relate to each other and you guys give such good rea__surance and advice. Thank you!


Ginny - May 26

Amen! I have loved this site since I was pregnant. Like ry said, I don't have many child-bearing friends, so this site is a life saver! Also, I can ask those silly questions that I am ashamed for not knowing without feeling embarra__sed. Thank you everyone!


HannahBaby - May 26

Its been ALOT better around here YC!! My daughter fell down the stairs the other day and i got nothing but support from the ladies here ( i was kind of expecting a little bit of negitativity!!) but didnt get anything but kind words


Amy_mommy - May 26

welcome! we all try to help each other by becoming the best mommies


Amy_mommy - May 26

ginny: yeah, i don't have much friends so, this site is life saver! i'm on it all day! even at work!


Sam - May 26

Have you ever sat there and thought, "Who should I ask about this? Should I call the doctor? Nah, they won't be much help." Then I always remember this forum. It has been helpful to me since "preconception"! K, back to post a question.


austinsmom - May 26

I agree YC I too try to surround myself with positive people and I think this has become the place to do it........I was wondering YC are you the same YC that was on the december mommies pregnancy forum? I found this forum when I was pregnant and posted quite frequently under my real name patty..... With all the support and encouragement we offer each other we can overcome anything ladies!!!!!!! Lets all have a great holiday weekend!!!!


YC - May 26

Hi PATTY!!!! Yes it's me YC from the december board. I always wonder what happened to you. We lost you after we went to the Yahoo site. How are you? Hubby and baby? There are about 11 of us December mommies that talk just about everyday on the Yahoo site. I wish you could join. We share pictures, etc. I love those ladies and litereally would not have made it through these first 5months without them. I wish you could join us there. I wanna hear all the details about you and family if you have time and I will share it with the rest of the group!!!


austinsmom - May 26

well I do not want to hijack your wonderfull mommies thread but hey here goes.......I had austin on my due date of dec 29th (crazy huh? so many of us had our babies on their due date!!) and everything really went well......My husband took 2 weeks off to help and family cooked some meals for us and it was all really great and I felt so loved ......I did b___stfeed for the first 6 weeks but after that despite pumping and everything else I tried I dried up.....I do not have a computer at home so I did not get back on the forum until I came back to work after three months maturnity leave.....Because of this being a work computer I still cannot join yall at the yahoo group :-( I would love to though.....I am sooooo happy and proud of my little me he is the prettiest little baby I have ever seen....I cannot believe he has blue eyes.....both me and my husband have green so I a__sumed his would be as well.....(I worried after he was born that my husband would think he was the milkmans baby lol) but he looks like my husband and me combined and what a great combo!!!!! lol.....I would love to hear about how your birth experience was and how you and your family are doing as well.....does your little one look differant than you thought he/she would? Is your baby a boy or girl? How is everyone else doing? Whew lots of questions I have but when you get a chance let me know.........Oh just found out my lo rash is definatly (sp?) eczema (boo) and the doctor prescribed a cream cause the over the counter stuff is not strong enough........this makes me sad but I guess there are worse things out there and I should just be greatful he is healthy take great care of yourself and your family and answer me when you can............great to talk to you!!!!!


RB - May 26

hi yc - thanks for this great post - i have been on this site since i was pregnant - took a little time off since my son was born but am now back 7 months later! it's great to have people to talk to especially since i don't have a lot of friends with young babies... i think everyone's doing such a great job and it's so great that we recognize that almost everyone is being supportive here... thanks again! i look forward to getting to know you ladies!


Ca__sieSong - May 26

Patty!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering where you had gone to as well. I think about you now and again.... thinking about all those camping/cornfield stories you used to tell. So glad we found you again! This is December mom Ca__sie, btw.


austinsmom - May 26

well hey CASSIE!!!!!! I look forward to speaking to you soon!!!!


Maggie - May 26

Well said YC and all the other Moms. I've been coming to this website for over a year now and I LOVE IT!!! I concieved easily and felt bad about it because so many women are on their second year of TTC, but everyone was so supportive and loving. This forum got me through my pregnancy and through my dd's first few weeks when I felt completely overwhelmed (I also have a 5 year old son). There are some ladies here whom I truely consider friends. I love the fact that I can have adult conversation without having to leave my living room. True there are quite a few whackos who come here, but I think the majority of us who come here are mature and respectful. I say to all of you strong women, GOOD JOB AND KEEP IT UP!


cae - May 28




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