You Know You Come On Here Too Much

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Emily - March 2

You know you come on the forum ot much when you e-mail your girlsfriends and use terms like dh, lo, dd, and ds….


sahmof3 - March 2

Hahaha! I have actually said "dh" in a conversation before and the person was like, "Who's DH?" lol oops!


AshleyB - March 2

I've totally done that!!! And sometimes when I'm thinking about things, I'll be typing them in my head....


luviduvi - March 2

Well, I haven't been sitting on here much lately b/c I wasn't getting ANYTHING done. One time I was so engulfed onto one thread that I hadn't heard ds wake from nap :-(


Rabbits07 - March 2

sahmof3, I've done that too! LOL. You also know you are on here too much when you get more birthday wishes on the forum than from friends and family....that actually happened to me a couple of weeks ago! Also, one night I was at work and this couple came through the line and this girl looked just like the pics I have seen of flower.momma on her website and I found myself wondering if maybe they were travelling or something and it really was her. There have also been times I would see something on t.v about a certain topic that's been discussed on the forum and I'd be thinking, "I wonder if the other girls are watching this?"


piratesmermaid - March 2

When your hubby threatens to block you from it.


ash2 - March 2

YKYCOHTM when you cant wait to get on here and ask a question because you know you get better advice from ladies you dont know than your friends you talk to everyday ! lol


Nita_ - March 2

I totally agree about not getting ANYTHING done! But I also agree that you get tons of advice on here than from your friends who you talk to on the phone. Everytime my dd goes down for a nap, I want to jump onto teh computer and get here, but of course if I do that, i don't get any shower done, won't have anything to eat and my house will be a mess(not that it isn't already!) LOL!


Mellissa - March 2

When everything in your life becomes an abreviation. My shopping list looks like this: gom (gallon of milk) tob(tub of b___ter) s3d(size 3 diapers)... lol


shelly - March 2

lol yes its definatly addictive.i call hubby dh now for a joke and he autually answers.


aurorabunny - March 2

I know I come on here too much! LOL But unfortunately one of the problems with being a young mom (22) is that most of my frends are single and childless and out drinking and partying. Not much we have in common any more, they definetly aren't very useful for baby advice!! I get much better advice from you ladies. God if it wasn't for you guys, the only person to give me baby advice would be my mil who was a pediatric nurse 20 years ago and still doesn't understand why I don't put Brody to sleep on his stomach....*shudder*


jwhite - March 2

I did that... I was like oops sorry I thought I was on my forum


mamagoose - March 2

I'm with you, aurorabunny... none of my friends have kids yet, and my doctor is an old man on the verge of retiring with ancient ideas about baby care, so this is the only place to find people who have actual recent experience in baby care! Plus its nice to laugh with other moms about the stuff that only a mom would experience...


Lindsey - March 2

When you have made this forum your home page


HannahBaby - March 2

You know your on here to much when you talk to your husband about the other posters and he knows where they live, how many kids they have etc. its true!


Steph - March 2

LMAO Hannahbaby! That means your on here TOO much!! ;o) I am too though!!


hello - March 2

I had to laugh at that hannahbaby...



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