You Know You Have Children When

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bradylove - February 26

You take phone messages on a kidding dh just did!


Brittany - February 26

LOL that is soooo funny! My son has that and my husband and I were playing hangman on it the other night after the kids were sleeping LOL!!!


Emily - February 26

You know you have children when call in sick to work cause your "tummy" hurts. Not me, a co-worker did that. We all got a laugh. We joked about that one for while. Now even if she gets a stomach ache, she calls in with a headach or something….my favorite is when you don’t put top off your sandwiches with anohter piece of bread, you put lids on them…..I even call it a lid to my hubby…..


sahmof3 - February 26

LOL. Can we make this a 1,001 things you can do w/ a Magnadoodle thread? I use mine to help my oldest son learn to draw!


sahmof3 - February 26 talk freely and often about poop frequency and consistency.


SonyaM - February 26

You catch puke in your hands so it doesn't get on the carpet. Or you are puked on and don't freak out because you would scare your lo.


DeeJay - February 26

YKYHCW... when you can hold a screaming baby, eat breakfast and put on your makeup... at the same time. I just id that today


Smilefull - February 26

you start refering to objects in toddler speak--"Ta the b___tons" to your husband to hand you the remote control..etc. These are all so funny---


shelly - February 26

YKYHC when your handbag consists of dummys wipes baby toys and teething biscuits instead of make up and perfume etc [or is it just me lol]


Jennifer28 - February 26

YKYHKW it takes you at least a 1/2 an hour to get everything together to be able to leave your house when you used to just put on your shoes and go. (Could just be me - first time mom of a 13 wk old and it still takes me forever) :)


snugglybugglys - February 26

You have boogers on your shirt!


BusyBee - February 26

By 8 p.m. you are so exhausted that you get your pajamas on and go to bed too!


snugglybugglys - February 26

You catch yourself singing theme songs to your kids favorite shows...


snugglybugglys - February 26

okay one more...when your DVD collection is mostly Disney movies.


ConnorsMommy - February 26

when you load your dishwasher, the top rack is full with sippy cups instead of wine gla__ses and "normal" cups... lol


CyndiG - February 26

you find yourself eating dinner with one of those rubber baby spoons!


bradylove - February 26

lol ConnorsMommy! How true! YKYHCW You sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while doing your 18th load of laundry this week!



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