You Know Your Finally Used To Being A Mom Dad When

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HEATHER - December 15

Your baby throws up on your couch or rug and instead of breaking out the steem cleaner- you just rub it in till you cant see it.---When your baby throws up and it lands in your hair and you selectivally rince just that area out.----You get half way to your destination with every thing possible and then some for your baby then you realize you havent even brushed your hair or teeth.---when sterilazing the pacifier means you "sucking off the germs" before giving it to your baby.---Oh, s_x gets put on the back burner not because it hurts but everytime you start your little one decides to start screaming! Any one else?


Shannon - December 15

oh, yes indeed. in fact my baby just spit up on my couch and my clean up method of choice was a wet paper towel. haha, i haven't done the pacifier thing though, but then my girl doesn't like it anyway.


amanda.d - December 15

Lol, how about instead of a new recieving blanket after one spit wipe you just flip it over and use the not spit side.


newmom - December 15

Bravooo...Well said life have become the exact thing...whenever i just hug ny DH my son screams as if he knows i'm out of the room.. bravoooooo


amanda.d - December 15

Well let me tell you I am even surprised I got pregnant with our other three children always interupting, lol.


newmom - December 15



Lisastar9 - December 15

TO Amanda: You must be very fertile to become pg more then once under those circ_mstances,I agree with you on this one.


The real Lissi - December 15

Lol! I totally agree with the spit up thing! When she first used to spit up on my clothes, I would imediatly change and throw those things in the wash. Now I do just wipe it with a tissue and end up with a collection of stains by the end of the day. It's such a glamorous life, being a mom! :)


Narcissus - December 15

Yes!! You know your used to being a mother when your baby pukes on your cream colored cords and you don't change your pants bc the color blends well:)


Eryn - December 15

When your baby finally poops after being constipated and your so excited it's like you won an Emmy. You can't resisted calling your man up and letting him know the good news. So Sad..


The real Lissi - December 15

I do that! I send him emails at work, to let him know she's pooped, how much she pooped and how bad it smelled! Lol!


Lol - December 15

You know better than to get the child who sleeps on the top bunk Superman jammies.


KrisD - December 15

My husband and I can have an in-depth conversation about the COLOR of the poop!


Michelle - December 15

That is so well put! I love it!


Tami - December 15

LOL-this is a great thread! Okay, you know your used to being a mom when you answer the door after a particularly exhausting night at 10:30 in the morning in pajamas that have lovely milk stains on the tops holding your baby who is also still in her pj's!


TC - December 16

How about my dh and I will look over the poop and move it around to see what is in it. And this is for old time moms...when you step on a lego with your bare foot and you don't even curse anymore.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

That is so true!



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