You Said You Wouldn T So Do You

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Narcissus - June 22

I said I would not give my child soda...but I find myself giving him sips of my 7-Up. I said I would never take my son out in public without shoes...He takes them off anyhow so why struggle with him? I said I would never co-sleep...I did until my son was 4 months old. ---- Anyone else? What do you do that you swore you wouldn't do?


haymay - June 22

I said I wouldn't let my baby stay overnight with anyone til it was at least a year old, but I let her stay with my mom a couple times and his parents once, when she was between 4 and 7 weeks old....I was literally exhausted, and I took a long time to heal from birth, so I had to get some rest.


TC - June 22

I said that I wouldn't ever let my child in my bed....did it while he was teething and sick and now I'm fighting to get him out of it and back into his own bed. I said that I wouldn't put shoes on him bf he could walk but baby shoes are so d__n cute! I think he has more pairs of shoes than I do at this point. LOL! So far thats it...but I'm sure that there are many more of my "rules" that'll break in the future.


Narcissus - June 22

Hi, TC!! It's good to see you again:) When I was pregnant, I was so freakin critical of other parents & once I had my son, I pretty much had to STFU bc I realized how different things are when you are a mother.


TC - June 22

Hey Woman! So very true! I worked with infants and toddlers and just thought that I knew it all. Now I look at my childless friends when they give me "advice" and I wanna pop 'em in the mouth!


Bonnie - June 22

I haven't done that somuch but my step kids came to me at age 5 so I had some experience already. I'll tell you what I WAS critical of though....pregnant women. I remember in my 20's working with a pregnant woman and constantly rolling my eyes behind her back when she would call out sick or need to sit. I thought everything was just an excuse to get out of work. How terrible was I??! And then when I got prenant I was nauseated night and day and literally could not work at ALL. I stayed in bed for 6 weeks miserable. Talk about eating my words! I often think back about what a b%@# I was! :(


SonyaM - June 22

Ha, this a good one. I said I would never let my child in my bed but my first one litterally would not sleep in his crib. He would cry all night if we let him. I said I wouldn't use the tv to babysit but I do. I said I wouldn't give my kids processed foods like the bagged nuggets and such but I do.


Jamie - June 22

I didn't think I would co-sleep - I do. That's really about it. I knew I would b___stfeed, I knew I would use cloth diapers...I didn't know I would potty train early, but I didn't specifically say "I'm NOT potty training til such-and-such an age" I guess co-sleeping's really it.


Dana - June 22

I said I wouldn't hold my dd any more than necessary, I wouldn't want to spoil, didn't follow through on that. I don't excessively hold her, but I don't rush to put her down either. I just love looking down at her when she is sleeping and snuggled against me. I said I would put her in her crib after 6 weeks...she is still in our bedroom sleeping in her playpen. I just can't move her quite yet, she will be fine, but I will be the one to miss her next to me!


lrodriguez83 - June 22

I am glad to see this post as I was just telling my mom the other day alot of things I said I would not do while pregnant but changed my mind when he came. I said I would not give a pacifer, I did. I said he would be strictly b___stfed, we had to supplement formula as I was not producing enough milk. I said I would not let him sleep with us, he does (but only sometimes when he is fussy) I said I would not buy anything store brand for him, but I do. I use Parent's Choise formula ( it is awesome and was recommended by my doctor) I use Sam's Club diapers and wipes and they are awesome too. WOW things really change when the baby get's here.


Rabbits07 - June 22

I said I would never have kids that acted like some of my aunt's children...they are very messy...and my girls are JUST LIKE THEM! I've learned to never talk about other people's kids as it will come back and bite you in the booty.


YC - June 22

LOL! This is a great thread! I said I would not use a pacifier and we do LOL!!! I said she would not sleep in our bed. She did the first 8ish weeks of her life. I said she would not sleep in our room. She is now 6 months and we just moved her to her crib (she was in the pack n play in our room). I am sure there are many more rules I will break as she gets older. LOL!!! Bonnie I always thought pregnant women were just using it as an excuse to and then I realized how hard it was. I had a ROUGH pregnancy? Karma maybe? LOL!


Beth B - June 22

HAHA This is great.....I said I was never going to use a pacifier and I would never rock my son to sleep. Those are the only two ways to get my son to sleep now!


nic nac - June 22

I swore not to use CIO but have used it at 5.5 months....not to co-sleep but have.


Sophia - June 22

I thought that taking baby in my arms and cuddling her in her first few months would spoil her. Well, I've had to do it, but she is such an independent child! She is only 8 months, but never cries from being put down!


Annette - June 22

I SWORE I would never take pics or video of my baby´s privates...I was videotaping him in the bathtub and forgot to cover him so all his manhood is in video for him to hate me when he is older. I also promised myself not to make him wear things just because they look cute and just yesterday I bought a pair of baby sungla__ses. He doesn´t need them but he looks so darn cute with them! and last but not least, I promised not to dress him with ugly clothes, but my MIL keeps on knitting sweaters and onesies for him and it´s hard to tell her she should use her hands for something else.


Shelly - June 22

So far i've been pretty consistent,I never co-slept and I got Jesse in a schedule at pretty young age.I wish I could have b___stfed longer but it wasn't up to me!! Thank god for "the chemical soup".I'm guilty about giving jesse little tastes of something sweet,but thats what it is,little tastes.



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