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Nerdy Girl - February 3

I was reading some of that stuff in HannahBaby's drama thread and it really occurs to me that people get bent out of shape over being judged for their age. Well, isn't that just the way of the world in, all honesty? I am 35, and I think that if I personally had kids at 22, I would not have been ready. Does that mean everyone is not ready at 22? Absolutely not! However, as we grow up, whether we are mothers or not, we all look back at how much we have grown or matured over time. I mean, there is over a decade between HannahBaby and I, so I personally know how much you can grow, change, and mature between your early 20's and your mid 30's. HannahBaby, do you think you have matured since age 12, a decade ago? OF COURSE YOU DO! I am sure people in their mid 40's look at me and have comments about me, good or bad, but just based on the fact that they have more life experience than me. I think we all need to stop getting bent out of shape by the age comments.


Deirdra - February 3

WELL SAID! I am a proud mama at the age of 19...Yes i am young...and I have grown up...but i LOVE this sight b/c of the insight i get from the older momma's, i know i still have a lot to learn...and the have THE BEST advice...and I thank them all...


HannahBaby - February 3

cmon now why did you have to bring me into it!!


jillianT - February 3

i couldn't agree w/ you more nerdy girl. life experience is what it's all about.


EricaG - February 3

That's the wierd thing about maturity... you can never tell just by age or looking at someone. Sure, the older you get the more mature you get because you have more time to go through life experiences, but some people have a whole bunch of life experience packed into the early years. Before I got pregnant with my daughter people would guess that I was not a day over 15 (I was 18). I got pregnant with Abby and my pregnancy was horrible... very painful and exhausting, after I had my baby I almost died and was in the hospital in excruciating pain for weeks. When I came out of the hospital, even when I wasn't with my baby to give them the idea that I was older, people often mistook me for being in my mid twenties (I was 19). My mom said that I had changed A LOT. She said that I had matured and grown in the hospital and where as people used to look at my age and say "you look so much younger!' they now look at my age and say "You seem so much older!"


Lisastar9 - February 3

Regardless of our ages we can all learn from eachother. Yes getting older does make a person mature more most of the time,being a Mom helps alot.


Felisha - February 3

i dont feel that geting older nessarily makes a person more mature. life experiences is how you learn and making mistakes and learning from others mistakes. i believe your maturity level depends on how you deal with lifes lessons and what you get from them. how many times you make a mstake and who and what and how you see others. just because a women or a man is older than somone doesnt mean they are more mature.


Nerdy Girl - February 3

I guess I am just saying that it's sort of senseless to get bent out of shape when someone comments about you due to your age, because there will ALWAYS be someone older than you, and there will will ALWAYS be someone younger than you, and everyone tends to compare things to their own lives, so it's just the way things are. That said, I've gotten great advice from you ladies, both older and younger than me. So thanks for that!


hello - February 3

So many threads being posted now in reference to the a__sume thread... Does it need this much attention that we need to keep going on and on about it.....


HannahBaby - February 3

Thank you hello!!


mcatherine - February 3

I'm just upset because it seems like everyone on this forum gets carded but me. My husband bought cigars tonight and had to come out to the car for his ID, I bought 3 cases of beer and and the cashier called me ma'am.. :o(


jillianT - February 3

oh no. you were ma'amed... isn't that the worst?


sahmof3 - February 3

I feel your pain mcatherine. signed ~granny~ lol


vonzo - February 4

My sister is 35 and 12 years older than me but doesnt look a day over 17...she has 2 kids and when i was 15, everyone thought they were mine...for that to work i would have had to have given birth at 9 and 11....I hate to think how old those people would think i am now *sob*



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