Your Baby S Eye Color

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Lyn - May 18

They say mostly all babies are born with blue eyes unless you are african american or asian. What color eyes was your baby born with and how long did they take to change into their color now? My baby was born with dark blue eyes but they are starting to get lighter.


sol - May 18

I haven't had my baby yet but I can tell you that both my sister and I were born with brown eyes and it never changed :) - and, oh, our parents were caucasian since you're asking :)


Melissa - May 18

They say it takes up to 6 months to really know the color of a child's eyes. My kids have been brown, blue and my 2 month olds eyes change every day.


JenniferB - May 19

My baby had dark blue eyes. They are hazel now. It took about 6 months before you could tell what color they were going to be. He has red hair too. So funny because my husband and I both have very dark hair and eyes.


Liz - May 30

That's a good question because I was wondering that too. My baby is 2 mnos old and I can't tell 100% what his eye color is yet. Sometimes they look grey, sometimes green??


Jbear - June 1

My daughter's eyes were chocolate brown at birth, the same color as my husband's eyes.


P - June 3

Babies who have brown eyes are born with brown eyes regardless of race. The blue-eyed babies will have blue, green, or hazel eyes. I'm still waiting to see what colour my daughters will be. She's 12 weeks. I have green eyes, her father has blue eyes and my mother has hazel so I can't even guess!! lol


amanda - June 3

p not true my son was born with kinda hazel eyes and they turned brown so no not all brown to be are born that way


P - June 3

I was saying brown-eyed babies are not born with blue eyes.


Jbear - June 5

My sisters and I were all born with blue eyes. Mine are green, and my two sisters both have brown eyes.


Maureen - June 6

I'd like to know this answer as well. My baby is almost 8 Months and his eyes are still dark blue like when he was born. I just don't know at all when his eyes will change color? Does anybody know this OR is it different for each baby??


Skyfeather - June 8

My mother had blue eyes and so did my father I ended up having extremely blue eyes but my brother had brown eyes. They say that is very rare and shouldnt happen but it did. My hubby has hazel green eyes and currently our two month still has extremly blue eyes. I hope they stay blue lol.


CherishCayleigh - June 15

K, heres a good one for everyone, I have a Milato (mixed blk and white) baby who is now 5 months... every day her eyes are a different colour.. they go from grey to green to blue to brown but she ALWAYS has blue on the bottom left quarter of her left eye... im sooo confused as to what her eyes are going to stay at... anyone else experience this????


Liz - June 15

As I mentioned before my baby's eyes also change daily, I asked my pediatrician how long it takes until the eye color actually sets in and she told me that sometimes it can take up to a year !! I was thinking more like 6 mos or so but I guess it can take that long. (?)


Wow - June 15

Are we still calling people milato--mulatto?



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