Your Baby S Nicknames

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Christy - December 13

So, I am big on nicknames and pet names. Poor Ben will never know his real name b/c he has so many pet names, including: Crusty (b/c of the crusty eye), Cruster Doodle, Benner Boo, Boo Boo, Gums, and Squeak. How about you guys? Any little baby pet names you'd like to share?


Ruthie - December 13

My son's name is Matthew, and I've been calling him Matty-boo since long before he was born. So now we call him Boo a lot. Also Squeaker-man sometimes or Matty.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 13

I call Lucas Chunkeroo, funky chunky monkey, mister man, mr big stuff, Bugaboo, mommy's angel, goober b___t, mr fussy pants, crabby patty. I'm afraid he will never learn his name either!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 13

Amaya is AKA: A.J., Amaya B___t, Stinker, Pumpkin, and a few others but those are the ones that she responds to!


lisa - December 13

Jasmin, is Jaz, Jazzy and farty pants! as her pooing is so loud! and she pulls a whistle pounting lips when she goes!


monica - December 13

Well I dont really have one.....but my mom calls him calisito


The real Lissi - December 13

Nadya has too many to mention, but the most common ones are Sweetie, Lemon Face, Grumble Bum and Moo Moo.


jodie - December 13

i think i have called nick nick only a handful of times. we call him curlie and tiny teriyaki!


Mommy - December 13

We call Zane monkey and bubble and we call Logan baby man and baby woah woah cause that is what Zane calls him. LOL and daddy calls both of them little mancubs.


T. - December 13

We call my daughter, Haylee, "poopie", "boo-boo", "Haylee Bailey", ( her middle name is Renee, but Bailey rhymes and it sounds cute!) Let's see, there's "boogie", and "b___by-b___t". I think that's about it!


Jen - December 13

my son Ethan has many, but these seem to be the topers-"stink pot", "Sir smelly" (when he is), "Mr smellsalottus", "crab," "tinnie tush," and my husband likes to call him "punk"-go figure...


Kelly K - December 13

I call my little girl pumpkin b___t, fussy muss, tatertot, holy terror (jk).


CEM - December 13

My baby gets called Jackie Chan, lille mus (little mouse in Danish), and Lord (don't know why).


lisa - December 13

this thread makes for a funny read, good to have a lighthearted thread thanks christy


Ginger - December 13

Conner's nickname is tatertot. I'm so in love with him!!!!


TC - December 13

I call Danny my hunka chunka honey love stinka stinka what what. He cracks up everytime that I do it. I also call him Mommies big little baby boy, my precious, my honey and spit-up king. My dh calls him Jimmy (don't ask 'cause I don't know why) doodle b___t, stink face, (bc he does the same expressions as me), and his pride and joy. My mother and siblings call him Mr. D. My GMIL calls him Dan Dan and lean head boy (again, don't ask). I hate that one bc it reminds me of the Flinstones.


Christy - December 13

lisa- we need some light-hearted fun sometimes. :) Hey, TC! Ben is the coronated Spit-up King! LOL! I forgot about Mr, Fidgety Fussity and Mr. Cranky Pants too.



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