Your Teeth After Childbirth

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Brittany - January 14

My dd will be 7 months in a few days. I've been taking calcium suppliments since I'm not a big milk drinker. I've only had one cavity in my life so I don't think I currently have any cavities because I'd know what it felt like. Lately my teeth have been soooo sensitive. It's not the hot and cold liquids sensitivity, they're just plain sensitive, like I'll run my tongue over my teeth and at least one starts to hurt. It's weird too because a different one will be sensitive a different day, thats why I don't think I have a cavity. I heard your teeth start loosing calcium during pregnancy and after you have kids, anyone else feeling like this? I need to make a dental appointment ahhh.


punkin01 - January 14

i have heard this from a friend she says her DR told her this after her 3rd child and i am pregnant with my third and i have (knock on wood) had no problems and me and her use the same doc although he has not told me this sorry i probably wanst much help


mandee25 - January 14

I have a dentist appointment this Wednesday and I hope to God I have no cavities! My son will be 8 weeks Tuesday and I drank a lot of milk while pregnant as well as had lots of calcium in my diet. I noticed in the past few weeks my teeth seem way more sensitive too and I never had that problem before. Weird! I know when my mom was just about to go into labour with me she had a BAD toothache! Imagine labour with a toothache!!! Yikes! She told me she never drank a lot of milk then so I think that has a lot to do with her getting that toothache. Babies take a lot out of us. My doctor told me it takes a full year to fully recover from pregnancy and child birth to get our body back to normal.


Erin1979 - January 14

I'm a dental hygienist, and although many times women have problems with their teeth during pregnancy, the main problem is their gums. When your hormones are getting back to "normal", it affects everything....even your teeth. It's good idea to go for a check-up and make sure everything is OK though. It could also have nothing to do with your pergnancy, and you may have some recession (where the gum pulls away from the tooth exposing the root surface.) which is very common. We reccomend using a senst_tive toothpaste and see if it gets better (sensodyne is the best). Good luck!!


krc - January 14

I've only had 2 cavities my whole life. I had braces to and since I quit smoking, I've have a very nice set of teeth!!! But then when Ethan was around 3 months old I noticed I felt a hole in the tooth behind my eye tooth. Then I got a mirror and looked and sure enough...on the SIDE of my tooth, the part that touches the side of the eye tooth, had a small hole in it!!!!!! I freaked out, im not working so I have no money to see a dentist and it's been 2 months and the hole is increasing in size rapidly. I am starting to feel sensitivity every now and then when I eat. Im so freaked out im gonna need a root ca___l or a fake tooth! Im the biggest sissy when it comes to the dentist and im paranoid because this tooth is completely visible when I smile. I wonder what they will do..I mean..the whole is on the side of my tooth. Do they do fillings in the side???


Lisastar9 - January 14

Krc they better cause mine is on the inside.


Brittany - January 14

Erin1979, thanks soo much. I actually noticed my gum recession when I was 18 weeks with my daughter, it must have got worse, I completely forgot about it. Now that I think about it, that MUST be what it is because my teeth will only hurt towards the bottoms. Thanks again!



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