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FrancesM - November 26

Hello. I was not sure where to post this question. I figured that most cases of PPD happen after the baby gets here so this seemed like the right place. Has anyone been put on Zoloft for PPD? If so, did you experience weight gain or loss? I am considering it (not for depression but I am a little edgy (not with the baby but with everyone else!)) and I wanted to see if anyone had issues with their weight either way. Thanks!


mjvdec01 - November 26

I was put on Zoloft at 4 weeks pp for ppd. I had no problem with it at all. I was at the gym every day and lost 40 pounds. I can't say if the drug helped or not. If you have that "edgy" feeling, it is probably a good idea to start on something. PPD can be progressive and get worse as time pa__ses. Recently I was switched to Effexor because the Zoloft wasn't quite right for me. I have had no problems with it either. BTW with the Zoloft I was taking 50mg, and with the Effexor I am on 37.5mg.


FrancesM - November 27

Mvj, thanks for the input. I lost all the baby weight (30lb) at my 3 week check up. I have put a few pounds back on now and it is driving me crazy. I go to Curves normally but have only been a couple of times since my ds arrived. I have been looking on the internet and I read that most b___stfeeding moms keep 5-10 of the baby weight pounds while b___stfeeding. That is fine it is just that everything has redistributed and I don't want to take something that makes me gain more. I read that some woman gained like 25 lbs in 2 weeks! No thanks! The "edge" is not 24/7 but I still don't like it when I have it. Thanks again, I appreciate it.


arden222 - November 28

frances and mjv, what does it mean to be edgy? i go through spurts of being really angry, i am 10 mth pp though, i don't know if it is post partum depression related? i feel anxious all the time and some days, like the past week, i just dont want to be a mom and a wife. my dh is a nice guy but i dont know why i am so anxious and mad sometimes, i feel useless and a bad example for my son. did you both have any of these feelings? im embarra__sed to even say it.


FrancesM - November 28

Arden, sounds like you just might have some PPD. By edgy I mean no patience, very defensive, super ultra sensitive, and get mad quick. None of this is directed at the baby at all! I am just a b**ch! I admit that. I tell my dh that I can't help it. I hate it. I don't have feelings of worthlessness or not wanting to be a mom at all. I am sorry that you are going thru that. I have heard that those are signs. I would consider calling your obgyn and talking to them about it. I have the pills but have not started them yet. I am scared about gaining weight! That is why I posted this. Good luck with this Arden. Please don't wait too long to call someone. Don't be embarra__sed at ALL. A LOT of women go thru it. It is these crazy hormones trying to get back to normal. While you may not show it to the baby, he will sense it. Oh, and I am 4 months pp.


mjvdec01 - November 28

Arden, that is the definition of PPD. You need to be seen. Trust me, after a couple of weeks on the medication you will be feeling much better. It is also advised to have atleast 30 minutes a day outside, you can walk, or go for a run, you could even just sit and read a book. When I was at my worst, I didn't want to do anything. I wouldn't leave the house, didn't want to shower, brush my teeth, or get dressed. I would forget to do things, and had to force myself to eat. I got angry very easily, and felt as though nothing I did was good enough for anyone. I am a sahm, our daughter will be three in February, and our son is 4.5 months. Our daughter took the brunt of my frustration. It seemed as though I was always raising my voice to her- I was. Anyway, after about 2 weeks I was doing much better, and a lot happier. I am now taking Effexor and am scheduled to be weaned off of it in May. Talk to your OB, I know what it is like, and it sucks.


arden222 - November 29

MJV and Frances, I am just confused because even before i had a baby i was really quick to get angry. and i am thinking that my bad feelings and being down is from the guilt of flipping out. my dh has been very forgiving but i am super hard on myself when i get cranky and especially when i have an outburst. sometimes it results in throwing things. do either of you have that kind of frustration? were you like that before having kids? frances i feel the same way, that i may just be a b****. but it gets worse when i have ocd. certain things my dh will mess up or not get right. especially now that he is laid off, he doesn't know how to conserve. so i am worried about money and lots of things on top of the day to day grind of taking care of my child. MJV, that must be tough to have a newborn and a toddler. did you feel guilty a lot for raising your voice to her? i feel guilty when i do that to my son, and he probably doesn't completely understand it yet. so i am confused as to whether this is just everyday aggravation taht has built up, ppd, or just a serious character flaw i have.


mjvdec01 - November 29

Arden, regardless of the source- it is a form of depression. Call your OB and get in to be screened. There is an actual test they give you to determine how bad it is. It is just a one page multiple choice. Stop trying to a___lyze the situation. You need help, and there is nothing wrong with asking your OB to be the one to help you. You won't gain a bunch of weight and you will still be yourself- just happier and more at ease. It isn't as big a deal as you are making it out to be. I don't mean to sound harsh, but c'mon you know you need help, and now you just have to go out and get it. Things will only get better if you take the first step, which is talking to your OB.


arden222 - November 30

thanks MJV. i will make sure to take that first step and talk to my OB to see if i need to be medicated.


stefkay - November 30

Hey, just wanted to add that anyone feeling either anxious or depressed (either or both) should ask to have their thyroid checked before taking any psychiatric meds. Sometimes after pregnancy that is the cause. Not just check the TSH, but also the T3 and T4 (and also I think there is a free T3 or something like that). The thyroid is made up of 4 or 5 parts I believe that can all be tested via one blood draw.


evae777 - November 30

arden: Stefkay makes a good point. i was really moody and anxious & having all the symptoms you are having and everyone kept pushing the PPD thing, my old OB wanted to put me on meds and called it postpartum depression making it sound extremely common, well my dh wasn't okay with that, he wasn't okay with me jumping to medication and had me see another OB. so i went to another OB, the best one in the area and he did not believe in leaning towards post partum depression for every little mood swing. he thought it was unreal how many women are taking medication for what could be as simple as PMS or like Stefkay said - a thyroid problem. anyways long story short, i got checked for Thyroid and that ended up being what the problem was, thank goodness i didn't stick with my old OB and go on Meds. it doesn't sound like you are severely depressed or suicidal or having problems taking care of yourself and not getting out of bed, etc. It would be hard for anyone to be in your situation, with your dh being laid off and being a SAHM, i would understand feeling worried and anxious all because of that alone! and please don't let anyone make you feel bad for a___lyzing your situation, that is what this forum is for. let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


mjvdec01 - December 1

Thyroid can be a factor. I was diagnosed with Thyriod Disease when I was 17, that was 15 years ago. I have Hypothyroidism and it can throw things all out of whack, however, extreme feelings are most likely not thyroid related. There is a test you take at the OB's office that gives a score as to the severity, IF depression is indicated. Below a certian range, and you provider should be looking for other causes. As a mother of two with PPD, and Thyroid Disease, in myself I can definitely feel the difference between the two. Regardless of the cause of Arden's depression, PP or thyroid, she needs to be seen, and needs to stop trying to figure it out on her own. Her hc provider can and will help her with that. PPD can be difficult to talk about if you are diagnosed with it, especially in more severe cases. For me it is still hard to accept, and a touchy subject, and is not something to mess around with. My advice to her ramains the same. I have nothing but compa__sion for her and her position, but it started to sound to me as though she was floundering as to what she was going to do and it frustrated me. It seems to me as though there is some sort of depression playing a role here, no matter the cause. I think she saw that my intent was not to be unkind.


arden222 - December 1

Thanks everyone, I went in to see my OB first thing this morning and it is not PPD. my blood was drawn to check for other things and my OB put me on some birth control to help balance my hormones since my cycles are not regular & he said that could easily be the cause. MJV, i did not realize that some of my questions got you frustrated, what i was doing was not floundering, but trying to be as realistic as possible considering how many OB's these days are quick to prescribe pyschiatric meds, I did not want to fall into that. My OB told me that if I wanted Zoloft, prozac and alot of other med brands, he can prescribe it, no problem, & it didn't even require a screening. that is why these medications are easily turned to as a solution from a lot providers. that is why I came on her to try to get help in figuring this out. If that frustrates you then please accept my apologies. thanks again everyone for trying to give me help and comfort.


FrancesM - December 1

Arden, I am glad that you went in to see the OB. I hope the blood work will help figure things out for you. I started thinking last night that it might be my hormones too. I had a period October 26 then again on November 8 and now again starting yesterday. They are coming so fast it is like a constant pms! LOL I have to have my yearly this month so I will see what the Dr says about that as well as the PPD. I too might have them draw blood to check my levels. I hope that seeing the Dr has made you feel better. Evae and Stef (hey girl!), do the thyroid meds help with weight? Was mood the only thing that was an indicator? I had lost all of my baby weight 3 weeks pp but have put some back on now. I am b___st feeding and doing a bottle or 2 of formula a day. I do not think I am eating more than what I was when I was pg. I know that I am not eating as healthy (I had gest diabetes). I am not watching sweets so much but again, I am not having anything in excess. That is why I am scared to start the Zoloft. I just don't want to gain...if I were to lose that would be fabulous. If I knew that it would come off I would be on it quick! :)


stefkay - December 1

Frances, do a quick search online for hypothyroidism and see the symptoms...compare what you are feeling and see if it is something you might want to get checked for. The weight gain is one of the biggest factors of it. Or, you can't lose weight easily.


mjvdec01 - December 1

If you had Hypothyroidism, you may have extra pounds the meds will help take off. If you have Hyperthyroidism, the meds may cause you to gain weight. It all depends on the dosage you need. The lower the needed dosage the less chance of any weight changes. Arden, I'm sorry if I jumped on you a bit. I am having problems of my own right now and didn't handle your inquiries well... my appologies. I would ask your OB why he didn't screen you to see where you scored on the scale. Does your provider not use the PPD test? I don't understand why they would just give it to you if you "wanted it"?? Why not determine if you really needed it first? Anyway, I have always been tested at all pp checks up to 6 months.. With our daughter who will be three in February I had no problems, this time however, it is a different story.


FrancesM - December 2

Hey Stef and Mjv. Thanks for that info. I am going to look it up now. Is the thyroid thing a permanent thing or to the meds get you back in whack and you come off them? Thanks again. Arden, what did you find out from the Dr?



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