10 Weeks And Counting Any Advice For Labor And Birth

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Nervous Newbie - January 23

I am at 30 weeks today and like any first time mom am a bit nervous about the whole experience. Any advice from the veteran moms on this topic? I have never been hospitalized so the whole experience seems daunting. Thanks.


shugar - January 23

Ok nervous newbie i am going to give you advise i wish i would have recieved! honestly it is really not that bad the contractions were the most painful part. O and dont watch the discovery channel those are all women with complications! it is just going to scare you! For me everything happened so fast i didnt have time to think about the pain pushing will keep you really busy! ok now another inporant thing you should know if you dont like your nurse get rid of her ! that goes for the nurse that will care for your baby too! i had the most awful nurses the one that cared for my baby the first night left him almost all night crying with a dirty diaper and he was soaked in urine it was so sad! and last but not least 90% of babies will get what is calle d jaundice it is very common do some research on it. The babys liver needs to break down the red blood cells to help the baby do this faster make sure they are feeding often and pa__sing bowel movements often also make sure their urine starts clearing up . a few signs of jaundice are dark urine a yellow color in babies eyes and skin . my son had it pretty bad he had to stay an extra night under the lights it was really sad! anyways i hope that advise helps you and if there is anything else you would liek to ask you can email me @ [email protected] i would be happy to answer any other questions you have . congratulations!


Kel - January 24

Hi, I am also 30 weeks and wouldn't mind other experiences. I've been hospitalized once last year, but it was an emergency, and came on quick so I didn't even have time to thing about being scared! I can't wait to see my baby , but can't stop thinking about birth!


Shell - January 27

My advice is don't listen to the stories and advice. The reason being is that labour is really the one part of pregnancy that is different for everybody. They say the average first labour is 15 hrs.. well mine was 2hrs and a friend's was 30hrs so that about gets your average of 15 hrs but 15 hrs doesn't come close to describing the experience for either of us. I remember what its like, the waiting and not knowing is a killer. But really no one can tell you how it will start for you, how long it will last and what will work, you honestly won't even know yourself til you get there how you will react and feel. The best thing you can do it the antenatal cla__ses and tours of your hospital so you at least are familar with where you will be and what will happen when you are admitted to hospital . You will be fine! Just remind yourself how long women have been doing it and how so many go back for more! Even me!


Angie - January 28

Contractions are the worst!!!! Get the epidural..... The epidural does not hurt AT ALL and i am a punk when it comes to pain... The pushing is hard you feel like smacking the person coaching u through it but it is VERY true when people say once u see your child all the pain goes away...... I didnt feel the st_tches or when they cut me at all but the pushing hurt enough..... when its all over u will be sore but u will live, you will be thinking about your precious child 2 much to think about it anyway..... keep your head up because you will get through it...... Its one day of pain but a lifetime of happiness with your child....... Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bonnie - January 28

I just went through it. I had never had any surgeries, broken any bones, not even a st_tchSo I was TERRIFIED of labor. I ended up having a long labor that ended in a c-section so I got to experience both! lol And it was amazing! There were of course painful times, we all know we can't get out of that. But it was a million times better than what I expected. Do you plan on using any drugs? I don;t know if I could have done it drug free, lol. I had an epidural and it was heaven. I wrote out my birth story which is near the top, but it is VERY long and a milklion typos as I was tired, hehe. But I wrote step by step everything I went through. It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!


Bonnie - January 28

P.S. I agree with Shugar, make sure you like your nurse! I cried when I left the recovery area because she was sooooooo good to me. I was compeltely attached to both her and my doctor and I still feel sad that I'm not seeing them now. >< Theyr eally made the experience great for me.


Kate - January 29

My advice to you is to get some sleep if you start getting cramps!!! I started getting cramps at 2pm but didn't think anything of it, by midnight the contractions were too bad to sleep through but not bad enough to go to hospital, the worst part of labour for me was that I was totally exhausted!! But I agree with Shell, every experience is different, I was lucky and had a textbook labour and delivery with just a tens machine and gas and air! I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat!!



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