15 And VERY Scared Of Labor

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Corrine321 - April 17

I am deathly scared of labor, I have no idea what its gonna be like, or when im gonna go into labor. I get out of school on the 2nd of June, and it is so hard being at school right now! I dont even know if i can make it to may! My stomach has been tightning alot.. all i do is want her out of me!! but i dont want her out to early cuz i dont want her bening in the hospital long! Im just so scared!


Jenn - April 17

When are you due? Maybe you could take some birthing cla__ses or something?


AmandaManns - April 17

Corrine I don't think it matters what age you are or anything, everyone is scared of labor. No one knows when labor is going to happen or what it will be like. It is hard to describe labor because everyone has a different experience. I had a very long, hard labor...22 hours. But in the end it was all worth it. I did not cry at all or scream. It does hurt but it is a pain that is undescribable. Then as soon as the baby is out you don't feel anything at all because you are sooo focused on your little miracle. I was 20 when I gave birth and was scared to death but now I have a beautiful little boy. If you have any questions feel free to ask me, I went through everything possible with labor and I will answer any questions you may have.


rebecca278 - April 17

I agree, take some birth cla__ses if you haven't already. The pain is diferent for everyone, but over all, it HURTS. That said, obviously the earth is still being populated, so it's a pain people opt to go through more than once usually.--What are your thoughts on pain meds? I know a lot of people are scared of needles, but after having an epidural last time, I'm definitely getting one this time. It's scary enough going through labor, who needs the added stress of trying to manage the pain?? :) Just my opinion. :)


Corrine321 - April 17

Jenn-I'm due June 19th... I'm going to be 31 weeks tomorrow! Amanda- How do i really know that its "time"? Thats what im worried about... And my mom signed me up for cla__ses every monday in May! So i hope that helps, im just so scared though!


rebecca278 - April 17

Corrine, you'll know. :) That belly tightening feeling will sort of change. It will become stronger and tighter and more painful. They will also become very regular and not stop. You'll have this feeling of "something's different" so trust your instincts. The good thing is most first labors take a little longer, so you'll have plenty of time to figure out if it's the real thing or not. :) You'll also learn all about this in your cla__ses, and I'm sure that will make you feel more confident, too.


AmandaManns - April 17

I personally did not take any labor cla__ses. I feel they just teach you to breathe and to be honest breathing was the last thing on my mind. I would just say that if your contractions are coming every 5 minutes or your water breaks then it is time to go to the hospital. But really do not worry because while you are in labor it will just be getting through each contraction one at a time. It helps if you have a good coach to help you focus and to concentrate on something else. I also thought rocking in the rocking chair helped with my pain but once I got the epidural I had to stay in the bed.


krista-lee - April 17

dont worry! im 16, and im not afriad of labor at all! think about it, most women in the world have gone through it, and its a natural process. you're body is MADE to go into labor and have a baby. just remember when its all over with you'll have the little girl in your arms, thats whats getting me through everything. GL : )


meg77 - April 18

I also strongly recommend birthing cla__ses, they are a lot more than teaching breathing techniques (that was only 1/10 of the cla__s). They go over EVERYTHING, what is going on, what could happen, what to expect. You should get yourself enrolled if possible.


fasha12 - April 18

Corrine, I too was extremely intimidated of labor and just had my baby on the 9th. I took a birthing cla__s and did as much research as possible on birthing, medications, complications, and postpartum stuff. It helped to know the process and what will happen at each stage of birth and c-section. I won't lie, there will be pain, but there are drugs out there it the pain becomes too bad. I had a walking epidural just in time to push ( I went all of labor without drugs, not my choice either, but the anethesiologist was tied up). Drugs were wonderful and I did not feel my son come out. The moment I saw him and heard his cries I forgot about all of the pain. The dr. and nurses are a real help and give great encouragement. Listen to them and let them help you. Don't go through labor alone either! I agree its hard to wait, but let your baby choose her time to come. I was 41 weeks when my son came, and I was miserable at the end, but happy that he was perfectly healthy! Just remember that women are meant to give birth. You are afraid of the unknown, but trust me as you get closer to the date, you will welcome labor. Take care of yourself now and that is the best way to prepare for labor! Lots of luck!


Corrine321 - April 18

fasha, You made my day better =) When did your baby boy turn into position(head down) I had a 31 weeks appt and her head is already down! is that bad? do you think i will go into labor early or what?


ash2 - April 18

corrinne, the baby's head being down is normal and doesnt mean you will go into labor early at all. it just means that it is getting into posistion. lots of baby's get into posistion around 26-28 weeks. i really wish i had school to worry about and not working 40 hrs. a week just to make ends meet. be grateful. and good luck


AmandaManns - April 18

At 31 weeks the baby can still turn around into different positions. I know that at my 31 weeks appointment my guy was head up and I was all worried and my doctor told me that his position could change by the time I got out to my car. He told me that if he was not head down by 36 weeks then we would worry. Also I know that the cla__ses are not allll about breathing, but I did nto take any and neither have any of my friends that went through labor and we all knew what to expect and we all made it through just fine. I mean I was in labor for 22 hours and never once felt like I wanted to scream or cry or loose control. When the time comes to give birth your body will know what it is doing and you will too.


fasha12 - April 18

Corrine, the fact that your baby is head down is a good thing. It means that she is not breech (so you won't have to have a planned c-section unless your dr. thinks it is necessary for some other reason). As for labor, only your body and daughter know when the right time is. My son was head down by week 34, if not sooner. Other hints, especially for postpartum.........buy medicated Tucks wipes to keep in your undies. It cools and soothes afterwards. For the first day or so keep ice on the perinium and keep up on motrin. Walk around and take a hot shower as soon as you feel able. The first couple of days aren't very comfortable, but you get lost in your baby. Take stool softners immediately after delivery, and if you have been "blessed with hemmorhoids" use the Tucks suppositories. Most of all, just have a good relationship with your dr. Ask questions, lots of them. Delivery will go really fast when you start to push. I pushed for 45 minutes and it felt like 10. There will be a lot of hustle and bustle going around you, but all you will think about is seeing your daughter for the first time. I suggest the epidural. People may rave about all natural births, but there are drugs out there that are used so often, that if you are worried about pain, take the relief. If you are sick to your stomach during labor, ask for something to make you feel better. Looking back on things, I can honestly say that I enjoyed my delivery. Contractions are awful, but you can get through them. Don't watch the monitor though as you can see them before they come. If you can, labor at home as long as you can (between 5 and 7 minutes regularly, or in my case until you can't talk through them anymore). I was dilated to a tight 5 and 100% effaced when I got to the hospital. They broke my water and about an hour later I was pushing. It went really quick! If you have any questions, email me. [email protected]


270606babygirl - April 27

corrine im 16 and due in 8 weeks im so scared too but the tightning pains are false labour i get them all night long they say that if it goes on for longer than 3hours call labour suit which happend to me but turned out my baby wasnt on its way but i cant wait to exsperience it all



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