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Danielle - September 11

i'm 17 and 7 and a half months pregnant. I'm still very much scared and new to this. I was just wondering how the whole labor thing works so i can be prepared for it, correct me if i'm wrong: when ur water breaks some clear liquid stuff comes out and then u start to have contractions and then they rush u into some room in the hospital and they put a gown on u or do u put that on? do u have to take all ur clothes off? then u just wait their with ur legs opened till they tell u to push? sry this is kinda a silly question but i just wanted to know, thanks.


Danielle - July 14

If some1 could get back 2 me on this soon i would greatly appreciate it


Charity - July 15

Hi Danielle. I am a mother of three and a certified childbirth educator. The best advice I can give you is to go crazy reading everything you can get your hands on!! The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself for labor is to become informed. Do you have a mother, aunt, sister, friend who has had children? It may be a good idea for you to talk with them and find out some more about the whole process of labor. This website can also provide you with some clues as to how labor will go. I wish you the best of luck and I know that if you will inform yourself about labor you will have a MUCH more pleasant experience bringing your baby into the world. If you would like more information from me I have tons of it and I would be more than happy to help you out. You can email me at jayburdee@hotmail.com and I can answer any questions you might have.


Danielle - July 15

thank u and i have a sister but shes younger, i could ask my mom but shes not real happy about this whole pregnant thing so im kind of hesitant to ask her, thanks again


ashleigh - July 28

danielle i take it that you don't like the idea of being rushed into a room, put in a gown and waiting there until its time to push........well get ready for this one you will have every doctor and nurse coming in to examine you while you are in labor you will loose all self dignity cuz they all will have their fingers and hands inside of you .......I know form experience i was 17 when i had my son and i had no clue what was going on either and my mom wouldn't talk to me about these things .......but i can tell u from experince after it is over and you hold your baby you won't care who seen your tooty and who had a hand in it best of luck to you sweetie


Bella - August 1

Danielle is it possible for you to visit a delivery ward. Even just seeing what it looks like and the equipment you might come across would be a great help. I know the hospitals here have cla__ses you can go to or even just one off visits. I know this helped me a lot with what to expect.


Dawn - August 5

i guess i got myself into this mess, so im gonna have to deal with all the doctors looking at me, but i guess ur right theirs nothing like holding ur child that u created in ur arms for the very first time. Thanks guys


name - August 8

Being pregnant isn't a mess. You need to go into labour with a more positive att_tude than that. I'm only 18 and 6 mnths pregnant , but I still think my unplanned pregnancy is the best thing that ever happened to me


Cicely - September 7

Hi Danielle, I had my first child when I was 18. I was terrified of labor. Remember that only 20-30% of woman actually have their water break before they go into labor. That is only something you see on t.v. You will feel contractions that will begin to become constant and repeat in a patern. You will need to go to the hospital once your contractions last one minute long and are five minutes apart. They will put you in a wheel chair and take you to a room and you will put on your own gown (unless you need help). The nurse will check and see how far you are dialated and hook your belly up to a monitor. They will check on you every so often to see how the labor is progressing. Once you are close to 10 cm dialated then the nurse will get the doctor and and they will ask you to start pushing on your next contraction.


Cicely - September 7

Don't worry about the doctor and nurses looking at your private part. You wont even notice it after your there for a few minutes. All dignity and modesty will fly out the door.


dymond - September 11

i guess i can only reply on my experince, i know every girl has it different but i am 17 and gave birth to my daughter 6 weeks ago -she was preemie-5 wks early. i was only in labor for 3 hours. this was my first baby and i did have hypertension during my pregnancy(high blood pressure) which can be fatal to you and/or your baby and is somthing that drs should check for signs of . i was sent from my ob gyn appt to a hospital cuz my blood pressure was ^ alittle. i was put in a private delivery room and was told to remove all clothing and put the gown on. i had nurses hook me up to the monitor(it tracks your babys heartbeat and your contractions) while i was waiting there for results of lab work my water happened to break. they will check the fluid with special paper stuff that will confirm if it is infact your water that broke and not normal discharge. right after my water broke i started feeling contractions-they werent too bad at first but quickly got painful. i was completely terrified of what i was about to due and was in tears but to be completely honest it didnt hurt nearly as much as i planned and was nearly as long (most firs time pregnant women are in labor anywhere from 15-30 hours) i very quickly went from 2 cm to 10 and once i was there the dr told me that if i felt the need to want to begin pushing just to let them know. well about 2 mins after my baby girl decided she had to get out and begin moving out without me pushing (keep in mind that if you suffer hypertension your body will do what it feels is right if the baby seems to be in trouble due to the fact that with hypertension your body, trying to prevent seisures will accidenetly stop blood flow to your baby making you body reject the baby and get it out) i pushed 2 times and her head was out . i was asked for one last small push while they pulled her completely out. it may be kinda uncomfortable having numorous ppl lookin


NS - September 16

Danielle, Have you had your baby??? How'd it go?


Missy j - October 13

Hey hun..My name is missy and i know this is a little bit late but listen... i was 17 when i had my daughter, yes it is a scary situation but there is nothing more rewarding when you look at what you did...i gave birth with absolutely no drugs due to the fact that my baby came so fast...doctors are constantly checking you but you are capable of getting up and walking until they tell yo uotherwise...i was up walking about 5 mins b4 they told me to push...Don't be sorry for your situation pregnancy is a gift at anytime, early or not! Your mother will come around just like my parents did...you have to remember that they looked at you as their baby now your having a baby its going to be tough! I was also the youngest. Contractions were the hardest part of my labour....i had strong contraction from 4 centimeters on...they were less than a minute....but remember also that eevryones experiences are different!!! Good luck with your baby, don't ever feel down or let others make you feel less...no matter how old you are you are couragous for having this baby and even more for keeping it at your age! a year down the road you will not regret it I haven't!!!!


Michelle - October 21

Your water may not break right away. I am 29 weeks along with my 3rd child. Both of my first two babies I went into labor and they had to break my water at the hospital. Yes, they will make you put on a gown and you will have all your clothes off underneath. This is so they can check your cervix for dialation during the labor process. You don't have to keep your leggs in stirrups or in the up position the whole time, just when you are in the pushing stage. Other than that they want you to be as comfortable as possible. You can sit, lay down, walk (which helps to speed things up), or do pretty much anything. Hope this helps answer your question.


mistey - November 2

oh my gosh relax girl it will be ok im due to have my 4th next april and i was 18 when i had my first. i was a little nieve when i had my little boy and did not know what was going on even though i had a supportive mum and wonderful partner (also dad to others) i ended up having epidural which made labour stop and i could not push bubs out so out came ventous and third degree tear and grazing. for my next 2 i did them intervention free because i was determind not to go through that again and i healed so much faster even though i had a tear with next 2 also.i let the docs take over and they didnt care much about how i was feeling. get informed is the best advice i can give you books,internet,midwifes at hospital tours.the best teacher is yourself and personal experiece i wish u luck and enjoy the whole preg and birth your body lets you now what you r capable of go with what u want.


K - November 15

Er- Danielle, if you were 7.5 months pregnant you would have had your doctor see your private areas and do internal exams etc SEVERAL times - so I doubt you would still be concerned. And if your doctor has given you so little info they need their license revoked. Tell the truth - you don't need to lie.



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