1 Cm Dilated

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Dwana - August 4

Im 34 wks pregnant & the dr said i'm about 1 cm dilated, & it should be "anytime now"... how long can u stay 1 cm dilated before true labor begins?


esr - August 4

i've heard of people being that way for 2-3 weeks. some quicker than that...so you never can tell, it's different for everyone.


Crystal - August 4

I was also 1 cm dilated at 34 weeks and my doctor said she didn't think I was going to be pregnant for much longer. I am now 37 weeks and I am only 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Everyone is different but be sure to keep an eye out for pre-term labor signs. Good Luck.


Crystal - August 4

I am 40 weeks tomorrow and have been at 3-4 cent. for 2 weeks now. I think you can be dialated for weeks without anything happening.


Jamie - August 5

I'm the same as the first Crystal...lol...was 1 cm at 34 weeks, am now 38 weeks, only 2 cm, and 50% effaced


dwana - August 5

Thx ladies... but i dunno if i can stand to feel this way for many weeks more... how do you all stay so strong & patient? soo ready now! think i started the "braxton hicks" already


dani - August 6

I don't think the doctor should have said anytime now as being dilated doesn't really mean anything. You are only 34 weeks so hopefully you still have a few more weeks. At 36wks. I was 3cm/70%effaced. At 37 and 38 weeks I was at 4cm/70%. I finally had baby at 39 weeks. The one good thing is the labor went fast since I was already part of the way there.


Stephanie - August 10

I am 35 weeks and my doctor told me today that I was 1 cm. dialated and 70% effaced. She said you can be at 1 cm. for a month or so.


sarah - August 12

well i have been dilated 3 cm since 33 weeks and now am 37 weeks and am 4 cm it can take a looooon time its frustrating, especially having contractions everyday!


miranda - August 12

Actually, women who are not first time mothers are 1 cm dilated anyway, but it's not unusual to start dilating around the time you are. I don't think your dr should have said "any time now" because he/she can't estimate that. You could be 1 cm for quite a long time. Don't worry, soon enough your baby will be in your arms!


lex - August 19

I just went to the doctors and they said i am 38 weeks and 1 cm dialated, me and my husband are walking up hills and all to help this process go through...


Brittany - August 19

Last time I was checked I was 1 cm dilated and 50 % effaced. I'm 39 wks tomorrow.


jen - August 19

i just had my doc apt yesterday. im 38 weeks and finally theysaid im more than 50% enfaced and 1cm dilated. so hopefully soon!!


lex - August 20

i don't know what to do my, i went to the bathroom and saw spots of blood and called my midwife and she told me not to worry, should Iq


Danielle - August 21

Hi i was 34 weeks and 1cm dilated and 50% effaced and now im 35 weeks and 3cm dilated and 80% effaced my midwife told me the same thing about she dont think ill be pregnnt for much longer and just wanted me to get to 36 weeks in which i am tomorrow then she said shes all cool with me having the baby.


natasha - August 22

i have been that way an progressing for some weeks now i am 35 weeks pregnant and nearly 4 cent dialated and still no labor i started dialating on july 25th with 1 cent .


Teja - August 22

i am 38 weeks and still 1cm dialated and 70% effaced..my due date is sept 3rd and this is just driving me crazy..this is my fourth pregnancy and it is the only pregnancy that lasted this long..my other pregnancies were 36 & 37 weeks..i just want this over with already..i lost my mucus plug over a week ago, been walking 2 1/2 miles everyday, tried the pineapple, and s_x. nuthin seems to work..i would never try the castor oil, i am not that desparate to force the baby out..she will come out when she is ready..for all you other women, patience is a virtue. good luck



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