1st Timer Seriously Considering Natural Birth Help

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Desiree - May 19

This is my first child and at first I thought I would for sure be the one saying give me the damn drugs like right away.... but the more i have thought about it i would like to have the baby without any drugs at all.... and i have heard alot of good things about it... but i'm scared that i won't be able to handle it.... i want to be brave and i know that i am and that many women give birth without drugs and they say its doable... but i'm still scared! i need some suggestions!!


Anna - May 19

Go to storknet.com and read the birthstories about unmedicated births. Read a lot of them so you can see the range of experiences. It hurts, but of course it's "doable". Medication is only a recent option.


Maddie - May 19

I'm 36 weeks, and I was told by my midwife that natural is most successful when you prepare yourself, and have lots of confidence. She said that in order to handle it, you MUST relax. Keep breathing the WHOLE time, and push when you feel the need. She said she recommends imagining each contraction as an ocean wave...it rolls in, peaks, then rolls back out. I am really considering not having an epidural...I don't know what I'll do when I start feeling the pain though. I think it's mostly mind over matter. The pain is ONLY temporary, and YOU WILL NOT DIE from it! =)


Desiree - May 20

Thanks Maddie for your info... that is a great method.. i think that might just really help me.... the wave thing... i don't want to have an epidural... i'm not scared of it.. i just have heard so many bad things about it... my mom had an epidural with my brother and went natural with me and she says natural was SO much better.... you are right.. it is def. mind over matter...


Maddie - May 27

Desiree, I'm a first time mom too...due June 15th and I'm really trying to mentally prepare myself for a natural birth. I gotta be realistic...it's going to hurt...but, it's also not going to last forever! Now, if i'm in labor for a really long time and i'm starting to get exhausted...I may reconsider, just have them tell you when your coming close to your cut-off for choosing epidural or not. Another thing that I heard was a real life savor in labor is having them close by with an oxygen machine. My friend said when she got tired and felt like she couldn't breath anymore, she took a couple breaths from the oxygen mask and said it perked her right back up and allowed her to push with all her might. She had an epidural, so imagine how tired one might be without one! But be sure to ask your hospital if they have that machine! When are you due?


doula - May 27

Hey, get a doula they are great!! Here is a website for Free doulas: www.bellywomen.net i hope this helps. Good luck


hbmw - June 3

if you want to go natural, your best bet is to have a home or birth center birth where you do not have the option of drugs. i hade a home birth and it is SO WORTH IT! it hurts like hell but it feels so good when you are done and you feel proud to know you did what is best for your baby. truthfully, if i had been in a hospital, i would have been screaming for pain relief. hopefully i would have had enough sense to not really take it, but when you are in laborland, it is easy to forget why you didnt want pain meds. go visit mothering.com, they have GREAT info about natural birth.



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