26 Weeks Did I Loose My Mucus Plug

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Nicole1333 - March 12

This is my first pregnancy and for the last 3 days I have been having discharge that looks like a clear-white snot, just little bits here and there. Then today I wiped and got a clump bigger than a quarter. It was thick, and slimmy. Did I just loose my mucus plug? There wasn't any blood on it, (and that is how everyone else is explaining theirs) Please help.


Tammy276 - March 12

It sounds like you are loosing your plug, but don't worry....it is early yet and it will replenish itself.......it is usually only tinged with blood when labor is near. I lost some of mine around 30 weeks and my doctor told me that a lot of woman for some reason or another loose it a bit earlier on, but it replenish's itself.


shygirly - March 13

It sounds to me like your just having discharge, i'm 28 weeks and i've been have discharge for the past few weeks on and off. It blobs of whitish stuff when i wipe, i think your muscus plug is definately more substantial


britt_m - March 13

About a week ago I had that also I'm 27 weeks, it only lasted one day and happened twice that day. It was a big clear/white thick glob of snot. Gosh that's so gross, lol. Never had anything like it before and it was quite a bit. So I'm a__suming like Tammy said its just replenishing itself, maybe cleaning things out some. Haven't had it since, no cramps or blood, nadda.


Nicole1333 - March 14

Well I went to the doctor today for a monthly check up and she said that it is very normal. That women already have a mucusy discharge and when we get pregnant that it thickens and falls out in clumps. Thanks guys for your replys. I am relieved that everything is ok. I hope everything works out for you guys also.


Kirsti - March 14

I have had the same thing and when I talked to my doctor about it she told me that it was just a yeast infection and to use monistat 3 and after that it did go away.



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