27 Wks And Nervous

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Tabitha - May 18

i'm 27wks. along and have already went into premature labor,about 2 wks. ago! The doc gave me a shot to stop the labor. I've been getting more contractions in the last couple of days.Could i go into labor again even though they stopped it?!


Ree - May 19

i would say you could go into labor again so if you feel the contractions like you did before I would call your doctor right away.. Were the contractions you felt really painful or more like Braxton Hicks and just really uncomfortable. The reason I am asking is because for about 3 days now I have been getting a lot of braxton hicks 6-7 a hour and getting really uncomfortable. I just don't feel like myself but don't want to bother the doctor if I am being overly paronid. Responses would be appricated


Kristin to Ree - May 19

Ree if you are having 6-7 an hour, CALL THAT DOCTOR!!!!!!! I was having braxton hicks last week, only one every couple of hours, they said that if it was 4 or more in an hour to go to the hospital or atleast call your doctor. Drink plenty of water and start dialing his phone number!


Tabitha to Ree - May 19

Thank you for your reply. The contractions are more uncomfortable than painful, but the doc said they weren't the fake ones. You better call your doc just in case. I didn't want to either but thank god I did, because they were real!! Well I hope everything goes good for you and congragulations!!Boy or girl?


Ree to Tabitha - May 19

Good luck I hope everything works out for you and your baby. I am suppose to be having a boy, hope so anyway that is what I am prepared for. I am going to the doctor today just to make sure, but I'm sure everything is fine. ALways is I seem to worry for no reason!!!


Tabitha to Ree - May 19

Thank you. I am also expecting a little boy, which is good because I already have a girl. I hope everything goes great for you and your new baby boy.



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